How to Send GIFs on iPhone

Use animated text messages to add a little whimsy to your text

Woman smiling and using her iPhone

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The GIF is widely used to add a bit of character to social media posts, text messages, and more. Simply pop that GIF into your text to your friend and they'll be giggling on the other end.

The trick is finding that perfect GIF and then sending it from the iPhone's iMessage app or your favorite GIF app. To make it easy, we'll show you how to do both so you can get back to searching for the perfect Grumpy Cat GIF.

How to Send a GIF Using iMessage's #Image

Perhaps the easiest way to send GIFs is using the built-in iMessage app called #images.

  1. Start by opening up the iMessage app on your iPhone.

  2. Locate the message you want to send the GIF in. You can start a new message or add the GIF to an existing message.

  3. Find the red magnifying glass icon on the iMessages app toolbar at the bottom of the message screen. Tap it to open it.

    Screenshot of GIF tool in iMessage on iPhone
  4. You can search for a GIF using the Find images search box or select some of the most popular GIFs from the screen.

    Screenshot of Grumpy Cat GIFs on iPhone
  5. Once you locate the GIF you want to send, tap it to add it to your message. From here, you can add text or send the message.

How to Send a GIF Saved on Your iPhone

You can also send GIFs straight from the Photos app on your iPhone.

  1. Start by navigating to the message you want to add a GIF to.

  2. Tap the Photos app icon in your iMessage toolbar. From here, tap All Photos.

  3. Locate and tap your GIF.


    Screenshot of Animated folder on iPhone

    In iOS 11 and later, the iPhone includes an Animated folder where all the GIFs you saved will live. Locate this folder to see a collection of all of your GIFs, all in one place.

  4. Tap Choose.


    Screenshot of GIF on iPhone
  5. Voila! Your GIF is now added to your message.

How to Send a GIF From a Website

Have a favorite GIF website such as Giphy or do you like to search for GIFs via Google? You can easily add those to your messages too!

  1. Find your GIF. You can search Google or use a website such as Giphy to locate the GIF of your choice.

    Screenshot of cat GIF on Google Image Search
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the GIF until the menu is shown.

    Screenshot of cat GIF being saved on iPhone
  3. Tap Copy.

  4. Locate the message you want to add your GIF to and tap the text bar. Tap and hold the text bar, then tap Paste.

    Screenshot of cat GIF being sent through iMessage on iPhone
  5. Your GIF is now added to your message!

Want to find all of your GIFs even easier? Download an app such as GIFwrapped or GIFBoom that allows you to save your favorite GIFs all in one place.