How to Send Emails in the Background With Gmail

Illustration of envelopes coming out of computer screen

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Oh, how time bends. Writing an email can seem to take almost as long as it takes Gmail to send it. You and I need not watch the Sendingā€¦ indicator to vanish, however, or switch to another browser tab in the meantime.

Gmail can be set up to take delivering emails entirely to the background. If you take care not to log out or close your browser until Your message has been sent appears.

Note that background sending is currently the default (and only) option in Gmail. You don't need to enable or do anything to have Gmail send in the background.

Send Emails in the Background With Gmail

To set up background sending in Gmail:

  • Click the gear in your Gmail's top right corner.
  • Select Mail settingsā€¦ from the menu, that comes up.
  • Go to the Labs tab.
  • Make sure Enable is selected for Background Send.
    • You can find the Background Send entry by beginning to type background under Search for a lab
  • Click Save Changes.

When sending an email:

  • Click Send.
  • Make sure you do not log out of Gmail or quit your browser until Sending in the background disappears and Your message has been sent appears.

Note that you will still have to wait for attachments to upload; they cannot be uploaded in the background. If Gmail runs into problems delivering a message, you will get a chance to tend to the problem and re-send the email.