How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients

Keep Email Addresses Private When Sending to Multiple People

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You've probably seen emails sent to a group of people with everyone's address in the "To" or "Cc" field, forming a long list. This not only looks odd and unprofessional, it also exposes the email addresses of people who may prefer to keep them private.

The Bcc Field Provides Privacy for Group Email Recipients

In addition to the To: and Cc: fields that show up in the email's headers, you can include a Bcc: field.

Each recipient in the Bcc: field receives a copy of the email, but no one in the Bcc field can see the names of other recipients in the field, which protects their privacy. Nobody except you and the Bcc: recipients know that they were sent a copy of the email. Their email addresses are not exposed.

Sending an Email to Undisclosed Recipients

To send an email to undisclosed recipients, follow these general instructions. If your email template doesn't include a Bcc: field, go to the email preferences and add it.

  1. Create a new message in your email client.
  2. Type "Undisclosed Recipients" in the To: field, followed by your email address in < > braces.
    • The To field should display "Undisclosed Recipients."
    • If you send emails to undisclosed recipients frequently, you can add your own email address to your address book with "Undisclosed" as the first name and "recipients" as the last name. Instead of filling in the To: field manually, you can then use the address book entry.
  1. Put all the recipients' email addresses in the Bcc: field, separated by commas.
    • The Bcc: field should look something like this: ",,"
  2. Compose the message and Send.

Although these general instructions work in most email programs, small variations may exist.

If your email client is listed below, check its specific instructions.

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