How to Send Email to Undisclosed Recipients in AOL

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When sending an email to a group of recipients in AOL, the simple approach is to enter all their email addresses into the To field. All the addresses you enter there will be visible to all recipients. (This is true for all email clients, not just AOL.)

This, however, can pose a problem in a few situations, for example: If you'd prefer that recipients not know who else you've sent the message to; the recipients would like to keep their email addresses private; or your list of recipients is long enough to clutter up your message on the screen.

Use this simple workaround to hide recipients' addresses in your email message.

While AOL does not specify their limits, it's generally not a good idea to send mass emails via a personal email account. Use a system set up for mass emailing such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. They can send mass emails for you correctly without the hassle of worrying about your email server being reported and blocked as a source of spam.

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Start a New Email

Click Write in the AOL toolbar.

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Address Your Message


or your screen name under

. This is what will appear in the

field of the email your recipients receive.

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Add Recipients' Addresses

Click the BCC ("blind carbon copy") link. Enter the email addresses of all the intended recipients, separated with commas, in the box that appears. You can also insert an entire address book group.

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Finish Up

 Compose your message and click Send Now.