How to Send a Picture in Email

Send pics as attachments or inside emails on Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo

Attaching an image to an email is something that everyone will need to do at one time or another. Here's how to attach a picture to email on Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

How to Attach a Picture to an Email in Gmail

  1. Log on to the Gmail website and tap Compose near the upper left corner.

    On the mobile app, you'll find Compose in the lower-right corner.

    Gmail Compose button
  2. An email compose box will pop up on screen. Fill in the Recipient and Subject fields as you normally would.

  3. Click the Attach files icon next to the Send button. It's the one that looks like a paperclip.

    Gmail attachment icon
  4. A file browser window will open. Locate the image you wish to attach to the email and click it.

    To select multiple images, hold the Ctrl key down as you click chosen images.

    Adding images to an email in Gmail.
  5. Click Open.

    Open button
  6. Your image will now be attached to your email. You can now click Send to send it or click the Attach files icon again to add more files.

    Adding images to an email in Gmail.

How to Send a Photo in Email With Outlook

  1. Log in to the Outlook website and click New Message to compose a new email.

    Outlook New message button

    In the Windows 10 Mail app, click on New Mail in the top-left corner.

    In Outlook mobile apps, tap on the square New Message icon in the top-right corner.

  2. Fill in the Recipient, Subject, and email body fields as usual.

    Compose window
  3. Click Attach, which you'll find directly above the email box.

    Attach button

    In the Windows 10 Mail app, click on Insert and then Files.

    In the Outlook mobile apps, tap on the paperclip icon on the bottom of the screen. You may be asked to give the app access to your device's files. Tap on Okay to continue.

  4. A file browser will open on your device. Locate the image you want to attach to the email and click Open.

    Choosing photo to send

    In the Outlook mobile app, tap Attach File.

  5. Click Send to send your email with the picture attached.

    Send button in Outlook
  6. You will be shown a confirmation message when the email has been sent correctly.

How to Attach a Picture to an Email in Yahoo Mail

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail website and log in as usual.

    Attaching a photo to an email in Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click Compose and fill in the To, Subject and email body areas as you normally would.

    Compose in Yahoo Mail
  3. Click the paperclip icon next to Send.

    Do not click Send just yet.

    Paperclip icon
  4. A file browser will open. Click the photo you want to attach and click Open.

    Open button
  5. As your photo is being uploaded to the email, you'll see a loading animation playing on top of it. When it disappears, the image has uploaded completely.

    Attaching a photo to an email in Yahoo Mail.
  6. Click Send to send the email.

3 Reasons People Can't See Your Emailed Photos

If you're confident that you attached the picture files to your email correctly, but the recipient still can't see them, check these common causes and their solutions.

  • Your files didn't finish uploading. If you hit the Send button shortly after attaching your photos, it's possible that the files didn't finish uploading to the email service provider in time. Most email apps and websites will feature a visible progress bar near where you attach files that can show you their upload status. Only send an email after all of the files have uploaded completely.
  • An action needs to be taken. Sometimes an email app will require the user to manually initiate the download of the images you've sent them before they can see them. Typically, all they'll need to do is click a greyed-out message box along the top or bottom of the email you sent to get that download going.
  • External images may be disabled. If you've forwarded an email with images to someone and they can't see the images, it's possible that those images weren't actually attached to the email and are hosted on a website. Many email newsletters use these sort of images in their emails. This usually isn't a problem but sometimes people disable the downloading of external or internet images in their email app settings and this can stop the pictures from loading properly.
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