Send Images With iPhone Mail

Hands holding an iPhone taking a picture of a woman
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With iPhone Mail, you can share photos easily. Sending pictures is but a few swift taps away. Of course, you can also share your photo with the world in one go by sending your photo to an image sharing site such as Flickr or TinyPic.

Send a Photo or Image with iPhone Mail

To insert a photo (or video) into an email in iPhone Mail or iPad Mail:

  • Tap and hold at the spot where, in the message you are composing, you want to insert the photo.
  • Select Insert Photo or Video from the menu that comes up.
    • If you cannot see Insert Photo or Video, use the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through the menu's choices.
  • Locate and select the video or image you want to send in your Photos gallery.
  • Select Choose.
  • To move the insertion to a different position:
    • Select the photo or video as you would highlight text; tap and hold and the tap Select, for instance, then adjust the highlighting handles.
    • Select Cut from the context menu.
    • Tap long in the photo or video's new location.
    • Select Paste from the menu that comes up.
      • You can also delete the image or video like text, of course.
  • Continue editing the email and eventually send it.

If your total message size (including text and attachments) exceeds some 500 KB and at least one insertion is an image, iOS Mail will offer to shrink the image or images to smaller dimensions; it is usually prudent to do so and curb the message's size to no more than 1 MB.

Of course, you can insert multiple images (or videos) by using Insert Photo or Video repeatedly.

Send Images From the Photos App (iPhone Mail 2 and Later)

To send an image from iPhone Photos using iPhone Mail:

  • Locate the desired image in iPhone Photos and tap to open it.
    • See below for acquiring images from Safari and Mail, and for taking iPhone screenshots.
  • Tap the image to make sure the controls are visible.
  • Now tap the leftmost control to show the photo menu.
  • Choose Email Photo.
  • Address the message, add comments and tap Send.

Send Multiple Photos in iPhone Mail

To send more than one photo in a single email with iPhone Mail from Photos:

  • Open Photos.
  • Go to the desired photo album.
  • In Photos 2-5:
    • Tap the left-most button in the bottom toolbar.
  • In Photos 6+:
    • Tap Edit.
  • Now tap up to five images to select them.
  • Tap Share in the toolbar.
  • Select Mail (or Email) from the menu.
  • Address and send the email, adding a subject line, of course, and words to the photos if you like.

Save an Image to Photos in iPhone Mail or Safari

To save an image you see in an email in iPhone Mail or on a web page in Safari:

  • Press and hold the desired image until a menu comes up.
  • Choose Save Image.
  • The photo is now saved to your phone and you can find the image in your Photo's Camera Roll.