How to Send Images With iPhone Mail

Attach files to an email on your iPhone to send them to anyone

iPhone Mail lets you share photos easily. Sending one or a handful of pictures can be done in a few taps. Emailing photos on your iPhone is ideal because Mail is built-in to your phone. This makes sharing much quicker than using other file transfer methods such as cloud storage services.

The instructions in this article apply to the latest version of Mail and Photos for iOS 12, but the steps should also work for older versions of the iPhone.

How to Send a Photo or Image With iPhone Mail

Follow these steps to insert a photo (or video) into an email in iPhone Mail or iPad Mail:

  1. Determine where in the email you want the pictures or videos to be placed. When you find it, tap and hold that area.

  2. Select Insert Photo or Video from the pop-up menu. You might have to tap one of the menu arrow buttons to find it.

  3. Browse through your phone until you find the file you want to attach, then select Choose.

    Insert Photo of Video, Choose, Send in iOS Mail
  4. Repeat these first three steps until you finish attaching images or videos to the email.

    To insert something—such as another file or some text—below an image or video that you attached, tap the right side of the image or video and press Return.

  5. Finish editing the email, then choose Send to email the photos or videos.

If your total message size (including text and attachments) is determined to be too large, Mail offers to shrink the image or images to smaller dimensions. However, you can choose the original size option if you're presented with that decision.

How to Send a Photo or Image With the Photos App

Another way to send photos from your iPhone is to start in the Photos app. This might be an easier method if you send lots of photos and videos. You can add text like a normal email, but the files are imported into Mail at once.

  1. Open the Photos app.

  2. Open the album that has the images or videos you want to email.

  3. Tap Select at the top, then choose the files you want to send over email.

  4. Select the Share button on the bottom menu, then choose Mail, or choose Email if you're not using a modern version of iOS.

    iOS Photos app sending images via Mail

    This share option is also how to email photos or videos from a different app. For example, when images are stored in a cloud storage service and you want to email one of them from your phone. Open the picture in the other app and use the Share button to open it in Mail to send it.

  5. Fill out the email like normal, then tap Send to email the photos and videos.

Tips for Sending Photos From Your iPhone

If you don't see the photos you want to email, they might be hidden from the current view. Tap the arrow or the Albums link at the top to find all your photo albums, one of which stores the image.

If the particular photo you want to email isn't stored on your phone, save it to Photos first, which you can do in most apps by holding your finger on the image and selecting Save Image. Other apps might have a specific menu for downloading photos and videos to your iPhone.

To email photos from your iPhone that you took from a camera, transfer them to your phone first.

iPhone doesn't let you send photos that you deleted over email. To do that, recover them from the deleted folder first, then email them normally like described above.

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