How to Sell On Facebook

Sell stuff online with Facebook's free Marketplace feature

Facebook Marketplace is a free feature on the Facebook app and website that allows users to sell stuff online to local buyers.

Sellers can create listings for products and services on Facebook Marketplace using either the Facebook website or smartphone apps and the entire process typically takes around a few minutes to complete.

Here's everything you need to know about how to add a service or item listing to Facebook Marketplace.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace on Desktop

Facebook Marketplace is built directly into the main Facebook website which can be accessed via an internet browser like Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Brave. You will need to have a Facebook account and be logged into it in order to access the Marketplace section of the site.

  1. Go to the Facebook website and click Marketplace from the menu on the left.

    Facebook Marketplace website.

    Alternatively, you can also go directly to Facebook Marketplace by going to 

  2. Click + Sell Something. A small box will pop up with a variety of fields to fill in.

    Facebook Marketplace website.
  3. Click the What are you selling? field and enter the name of your item or service that you wish to sell.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.

    Be factual and descriptive when writing your title and use keywords you think shoppers would use when searching Facebook Marketplace.

  4. Click the Price field to enter your ideal price.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.

    You only need to enter the numerical value. You don't have to enter any currency symbol.

  5. Your general location should already be filled in. If it's incorrect or you wish to change it, click on the field and type in a new area.

    This is the geographical area you're willing to sell in, not your home address.

  6. Click the Select a category field to activate a popup menu of supported categories for your service or product.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.
  7. Click the appropriate category.

    It's important for your listing to be placed in the correct category as this will help shoppers find it. Facebook may also delete your listing and penalize your account if you add it to the wrong section.

  8. Now click the Describe your item (optional) field and enter a description of your service or item.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.

    As its name implies, this part of the listing is completely optional, however, taking the time to fill in more details for your listing can increase the chances of a shopper buying it.

  9. Click the +10 Photos box. This will let you upload a photo of your item or service directly from your computer. You can upload a maximum of 10 image files.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.

    All Facebook Marketplace listings must feature at least one photo.

  10. When you're ready, click Next.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.
  11. Click Post.

    Selling stuff on the Facebook Marketplace website.
  12. Your listing will go live on the Facebook Marketplace immediately. You will be able to view it, and all of your future listings, by clicking the Selling link on the right-side menu.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace on Mobile

In addition to being available on the main Facebook website, Facebook Marketplace can also be accessed from within the official iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. As with the desktop option, you will need to be logged into Facebook to buy and sell products and services on Facebook Marketplace.

  1. Open the official Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Tap the three-lined icon in the horizontal menu.

    The menu will be at the top of the screen on Android devices and along the bottom on those running iOS such as the iPhone and iPad.

  3. Tap Marketplace.

    The Marketplace feature is not supported on iPod touch so the link will not appear when using the app on one of those devices.

  4. Tap Sell.

    Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook app on iPhone.
  5. A list of four categories will pop up. Tap on the one that best matches what you're selling.

  6. Tap Add Photos. You can then browse your device for photos of your item or tap on the camera icon to take a new photo. When you've taken or selected all the photos you need, tap Done.

    Adding images to a Facebook Marketplace listing in the Facebook app on iPhone.

    You're allowed to add up to ten photos per listing on Facebook Marketplace. Try to add more than one to give potential buyers of the product's quality and features.

  7. Tap Category to pull up a long list of approved categories for your listing. Tap on the one that best matches what you're selling.

    Adding information to a product's Facebook Marketplace listing in the Facebook app on iPhone.

    If you can, select a sub-category over a main one. A DVD boxed set will be competing with many more listings in the general Entertainment category than in the more niche Books, films & music one.

  8. Tap Title and enter the name of your product or service.

    Avoid being overly promotional as this can get your listing deleted by Facebook. Descriptive titles work best.

  9. Tap Price and enter the price that you want to see your item or service for.

  10. Tap Location. A large map will appear with a blue circle on it. Use two fingers to stretch or shrink the circle to cover the area that you're willing to sell in. Tap Apply when done.

    Changing seller location in Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook app on iPhone.

    Depending on what you're selling, this area could be the distance you're willing to travel to to meet a buyer or the area in which you want to market your service.

  11. Tap Description and enter a detailed description of your product or service.

    Points to mention may be how new the product is, how much it's been used, or a list of what's offered in a service package.

  12. Tap Product tags and enter up to five hashtags. These work in much the same way as hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and will make your listing more discoverable on Facebook Marketplace.

    Adding product tags to a listing in Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook app on iPhone.

    Avoid using ambiguous hashtags like #cool, #fun, and #cheap. These won't help attract buyers that are interested in what you're selling.

  13. If you're willing to deliver your product personally as part of the sale, tap the switch next to Offer delivery.

  14. Tap Next in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    A published listing onFacebook Marketplace in the Facebook app on iPhone.
  15. On the next screen, tap the dots next to everywhere you want your listing promoted on Facebook and then tap Publish.

    Your listing will still be discoverable within Facebook Marketplace regardless of whether you choose to promote it via any of these options. This page is completely optional.

  16. Your listing will go live immediately and will appear at the top of the Facebook Marketplace page on the Facebook website and within the apps.

What Happens Next?

After your Facebook Marketplace listing goes live, interested buyers will soon, hopefully, message you via Facebook Messenger to express interest. At this point, you'll need to personally negotiate a payment method and a time and place to make the exchange.

Facebook Marketplace does not process any payments nor does it organize shipping. It simply pairs sellers with potential buyers. The collection of payment and the delivery of the service or product is completely up to the seller.

Many Facebook Marketplace sellers choose to accept cash in hand, however, other good options for payment are peer-to-peer payment apps, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency.

Best App to Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

There is no official Facebook Marketplace app for iOS or Android devices as the buy and sell app functionality is completely integrated into the main Facebook app and website.

While there are several unofficial apps designed to improve the Facebook Marketplace experience, the most-reliable way to sell and buy on Facebook Marketplace is still the main Facebook app that most people already have installed on their smartphone or tablet.

General Facebook Marketplace Tips

Selling items and services via Facebook Marketplace is a very quick process and is also fairly accessible. There are, however, some things to keep in mind when selling on the platform.

  • Always try to meet Facebook Marketplace buyers in a public place with a lot of people. If selling furniture or large items from home, make sure a friend, neighbor, or family member is also present.
  • Never give a product or service to a buyer before receiving payment.
  • Facebook Marketplace uses your main Facebook account to buy and sell items and services. This is convenient but may concern those who don't want strangers to know their full name.
  • Buyers can rate their experience with you so it's incredibly important to be a professional both with your communication and delivery of the service or product. A large number of bad reviews could turn future buyers away.
  • While almost anything can be sold on Facebook Marketplace, it's important to remember that the selling of animals and healthcare products is prohibited.
  • If you're selling more than one item on Facebook Marketplace, it can be a good idea to meet multiple buyers at the same time and place to make the exchange. This can save you from spending a lot of time meeting each person individually.
  • If selling imported electronics, double-check with the buyer to make sure that they'll be able to use it. You don't want them claiming your product is faulty in a negative review.
  • Facebook Marketplace buyers have been known to change their minds on a purchase at the last minute or even forget to show up at the arranged time and place. To prevent frustrations, send all buyers a reminder or confirmation message via Facebook Messenger on the morning of the meetup to make sure they don't forget and are still interested.