What to Do If Your PSN Account Is Compromised

Reset your PSN password, remove payment methods associated with your account, and review your transactions

What to Know

  • Change or reset your PSN password via the PlayStation website, the PlayStation app, or your console.
  • Review your account transactions and contact your bank or card provider if you notice any unauthorized purchases.
  • Make sure your PSN password is strong, and don't share it with anyone purporting to represent Sony.

This article explains what to do if your PSN account is hacked. Instructions apply to PS5, PS4, and PS3.

What to Do if Your PSN Account Is Hacked

If you suspect that your PSN account has been compromised, you should immediately take the following actions:

  • Change or reset your PSN password
  • Remove payment methods associated with your PSN account
  • Review your PSN and bank transactions

Hackers sell stolen PSN account passwords online, so act as quickly as possible.

How to Change Your PlayStation Password on PC

The first action you should take if your PSN account gets compromised is to change your password.

  1. Go to the PSN Account Management login page, sign in if prompted, then select Security on the left side.

    Security on the PSN Account Management Page
  2. Select Edit next to Password to create a new password.

    Edit password on the PSN Account Management Page.

PlayStation Network Account Recovery

If you get locked out of your PSN account, your login information could be compromised, in which case you should reset your PSN password right away. Go to the PSN Account Management login page, select Trouble Signing in?, then select Reset your password. You'll receive an email with instructions for accessing your account.

How to Change and Remove PSN Payment Methods

If someone has your password, they could have access to your credit card information, so you should remove any payment methods associated with your PSN account. In a web browser, go to the PlayStation Store, sign in to your account, then select your profile icon and choose Payment Management.

Payment Management on the PSN homepage.

How to Tell If a PSN Account Has Been Hacked

Mysterious charges to your account are the most obvious sign that your PSN password is compromised. To review your transactions, go to the PSN Account Management page and select Transaction History.

Sony has experienced security breaches in the past and has been quick to notify users. If your account is compromised as part of a large scale hack, you'll receive an email with steps you need to take to secure your account.

If you see new games and apps show up on your home screen that you don't remember downloading, it's possible that your children or someone else who uses your console made a purchase through your account. Ask anyone with access to your device if they accidentally downloaded something.

If you don't have a PSN account and you receive an email about a payment, your identity could have been stolen. Contact Sony PSN support and your card provider right away.

How to Prevent Your PSN Account From Being Compromised

Here are steps you can take to secure your PlayStation Network account:

  • Create a strong password for your PSN account.
  • Keep an eye on your PSN transactions and bank account.
  • Set up PlayStation parental controls to prevent children from making unauthorized purchases.
  • Avoid phishing emails that request your PSN password (Sony will never do that).
  • Follow general best practices for protecting your identity.
  • How do I delete my PSN account?

    You must contact Sony to delete your PSN account. Provide your account ID and the email address associated with it. Once closed, you won't be able to reuse that PSN account name, and you will lose access to all purchases, subscriptions, and leftover funds in your wallet.

  • How do I remove my PSN account from another PS4?

    To delete a user on PS4, go to Settings > Login Settings > User Management > Delete User. Choose the user account to remove and select Delete. Any data (games, applications, and media) related to the user will be deleted.

  • How to change the email on my PSN account?

    In a web browser, visit the PSN Account Management page, go to Security, and select Edit next to Sign-In ID to set a new email. On a PS5, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Account > Sign-in ID (email address). On PS4, go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Sign-in ID.

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