How to Find Audiobooks and Non-Music Content on Spotify

Stream audiobooks, podcasts, speeches, poetry, and more

What to Know

  • Search Spotify's audiobook library: Open Spotify, select Browse (in the mobile app, tap Search), and select the Word category.
  • Find more audiobooks: In the home page search box, enter audiobooks and browse the list of artists, albums, and playlists.
  • Find podcasts: Select Browse (or tap Search) and select Podcasts. Browse podcast episodes, categories, or playlists.

Spotify is a major player in the streaming music arena. Still, Spotify is more than a music service. Its spoken-word content includes audiobooks, podcasts, self-help materials, guided meditations, poetry, and more. Here's a look at how to access Spotify's array of audiobooks and other non-music content.

Spotify's audiobook library is currently challenging to browse or access without searching for specific titles. The streaming platform recently partnered with Storytel to provide audiobooks to listeners and subscribers. Access to the Storytel library is expected to arrive in late 2021. We will update this guide when it does.

Spotify's Word Category

The bulk of Spotify's non-music content resides in its Word category, which can be found at the bottom of Spotify's Browse page. The Word section has a slew of playlists featuring poetry, famous speeches, college lectures, language-learning tutorials, literature, guided meditation, self-help content, and more.

To access content from the Word genre:

  1. On the desktop, open Spotify and select Browse from the menu on the left. (In the mobile app, tap Search.)

  2. Scroll down to the bottom to the Word category.

    Browsing in Spotify

  3. Select Word. Spotify displays popular current spoken-word playlists.

    The spoken-word playlists in Spotify

  4. Explore to find content that interests you, and enjoy your spoken-word choices.

More Audiobooks

There is an Audiobooks Spotify playlist in the Word section. To find more audiobook content, search "audiobooks" from the home page's search box. Scroll down to reveal a slew of artists, albums, and playlists.

An "Audiobook" search in Spotify

Selecting an artist, album, or playlist reveals a plethora of additional audiobook options.

Search for a specific title in Spotify's search bar to quickly find it, rather than scrolling through the various playlists.


Spotify features thousands of podcasts, so you can listen to your favorite podcasts on Spotify or explore its offerings to find new ones.

To find or browse podcasts in Spotify:

  1. Open Spotify on the desktop and select Browse from the menu on the left. (In the mobile app, tap Search.)

  2. Select Podcasts.

    Browsing Podcasts in Spotify

  3. Browse featured podcast episodes, or scroll down to browse by category or explore various playlists.

  4. Hover over the cover art and select the Play button to start listening, or select the podcast title to see more episodes.

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