How to Find a Specific Word on a Web Page

Don't let that little word elude you!


The internet is flooded with words, which is why finding a particular word or phrase when surfing the web can be frustrating. This guide explains how to do this simply and effectively, using either the Find Word function of the major web browsers or using a search engine such as Google, in case you're unsure you're on the right page.

How to Search For a Word Using Command/Ctrl+F

The simplest way to find a word on a page is to use the Find Word function. This is usable with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Here's the keyboard shortcut method:

  1. Open the web page you want to search.

  2. Press Ctrl+if you're using Windows or Linux, Command+if you're using a Mac.

    Find Word on Mozilla Firefox
  3. Type the word (or phrase) you want to find.

  4. Press Enter/Return.

Pressing Enter will scroll you to the nearest occurrence of the desired word. If it occurs more than once in the webpage you're searching, press Enter again to jump to its next occurrence. Alternatively, you can left-click the arrows on the right (or left) side of the Find Word window.

How to Search for a Word With the Mac Menu Bar

If keyboard shortcuts aren't really your thing, you can also search web pages by using a relevant menu bar. If you have a Mac you can use the following process, regardless of the browser you're using. In fact, you have to use this process if you're using either Safari or Opera:

  1. Open the web page you want to search.

  2. Scroll to the Mac's menu bar at the very top of the page, and select Edit.

  3. Choose Find in This Page; certain browsers may simply have the option Find.

    Using the Mac Menu bar
  4. (Optional) Depending on the browser you use, you may have to take four steps rather than three. For example, with Google Chrome you have to hover the mouse cursor over Find, then click the Find button that appears in the resulting side-menu.

How to Find a Word Using the Browser Controls

However, if you don't have a Mac, or if you just want to use the web browser itself rather than your operating system, here's what you do for each major browser (excluding Safari and Opera).

These instructions should work for the corresponding mobile browsers as well.

For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open the web page you want to search.

  2. Select the More icon (e.g. ) in the top-right corner of the screen.

    Using the browser's option bars
  3. Choose Find or Find in This Page.

If you're running Internet Explorer 11, the process is a little different. You have to select Tools, hover the mouse cursor over File, then click Find on this page.

How to Search for a Word Using a Search Engine(Google)

While the two sections above cover how to search on a webpage, it's also possible you don't know the specific page on which a desired word or phrase could be located.

Google's brimming with special characters and features to narrow and control your search. You just need to know them. One such feature lets you automatically narrow your Google search to a specific website. Doing so lets you search for a certain word or phrase from Google and target the site you want to find it in.

  1. Go to Google or use your browser's search function, if it's configured to use Google as its engine.

  2. Type in site followed by a colon( : ) and the name of the website you want to search. It should look like this:

  3. After that, leave a space, and enter in your search term(s). Altogether, it should be something like this: Android apps

  4. Now, press Enter to kick off your search like you normally would.

    Google site specific search
  5. Notice that the search results all come from the website that you entered. After you select a result, and see if you can easily find what you're looking for.

    Google site specific results
  6. If, by chance, you don't immediately find what you were looking for, use one of the methods above to narrow things down even more.

    Search in page Chrome

Also, if you remember the phrase word-for-word, you can enclose it in "quotation marks," which makes the search engine look for that exact phrase.