How to Scan Credit Card Numbers in Safari for iPhone

Scan to your Saved Credit Cards, or scan directly on a website

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill and switch Credit Cards to On.
  • Tap Saved Credit Cards > Add Credit Card > Use Camera.
  • When making a purchase, tap AutoFill Credit Card > Use Camera > Scan Credit Card.

This article explains how Safari's Scan Credit Card feature works.

How to Scan Credit Card Numbers in Safari

The Scan Credit Card feature works in conjunction with Safari's ability to save and autofill your credit card information.

There are two ways to use the feature. Scan your credit card to Safari's Saved Credit Cards to be used with AutoFill, or scan your card directly on a merchant's e-commerce site.

To scan a credit card, make sure Safari has access to your camera. Go to Settings > Safari > Camera and check either Ask or Allow.

Scan a Credit Card Into Safari's Saved Credit Cards

After you scan a credit card into Safari's Saved Credit Cards, it will be available via Safari's AutoFill feature. When you go to make a purchase on a website with Safari, tap the Add Credit Card option, and you'll be able to AutoFill any saved cards.

Here's how to scan your credit card into Safari's Saved Credit Cards list:

  1. Tap Settings, and then scroll down and tap Safari.

  2. Scroll down to the General section and select AutoFill.

  3. Toggle Credit Cards to on, and then tap Saved Credit Cards.

    Safari, Autofill, and Credit Cards in iOS Settings

    Safari can use your AutoFill credit cards only when Credit Cards is toggled on in Safari's settings.

  4. Select Add Credit Card.

    If you already have credit cards stored, scroll down to find this option.

  5. Tap Use Camera.

  6. Align the credit card within the frame, and your camera will scan the credit card.

    Adding a credit card using iPhone's camera
  7. Tap Done. This credit card will now be available when you tap AutoFill in the credit card field while making a purchase using Safari on your iPhone.

Scan Your Credit Card on a Merchant's Website in Safari

To quickly add a credit card when you're making a purchase on a website in Safari on your iPhone:

  1. Go to a merchant's website and add items to your shopping cart.

  2. Select Checkout or Proceed to Checkout.

    The wording will vary depending on the website you visit.

  3. Under the Payment section, find and select an option to Add a payment method.

  4. Choose to Add a credit card or debit card.

    Proceed to checkout, "Add a payment method," and "Add a credit or debit card" in the Amazon app
  5. Tap the Card number box.

  6. If you have active AutoFill cards but want to scan a new credit card, tap AutoFill Credit Card, scroll down, and select Use Camera.

  7. Use your iPhone's camera to capture the credit card information.

    The "Autofill Credit Card" and "Use Camera" commands on an iPhone
  8. If AutoFill isn't enabled or you don't have any credit cards saved for Safari, you'll see the option to Scan Credit Card. Tap Scan Credit Card, and then capture the card information with the iPhone's camera.

  9. Tap Add your card. You can now make your purchase using your newly scanned card.

    The "Scan Credit Card" and "Add your card" commands
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