How to Save Contact Information From an iPhone Email

Edit or create a contact from the Mail app

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The Mail app for iPhone lets you add a sender to your list of phone contacts. Instead of doing it manually by copying or remembering the recipient's email address and name, you can create the contact right there from the email.

This works even if you already have a contact set up for the person; you can update their email address (or add another) without needing to delete and remake the contact.

These instructions should apply to all iPhone models running a modern iOS version, such as iOS 10 or newer.

The directions on this page are relevant only for your own device — you'll learn how to transfer an email address from the Mail app into the Contacts app. To send contact information to another phone, see how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android.

How to Store a New Email Address on iPhone

There are two ways to use Mail to save email information in the Contacts app. One is by opening an email from the person you want to make a contact for, and the other method is to find the email address inside the message body.

Open an Email From the Recipient

All you need to save email information to a new or existing contact is an email from the person.

If you don't have an email from this specific person but instead just an email address in another message, skip down to the next set of instructions.

  1. In the Mail app, open the email from the recipient that you want to add to your phone contacts.

  2. Scroll to the very top of the message and tap their name or email address, whichever you see.

  3. Choose Create New Contact to make a brand-new contact using that email address. Or, to add the email address to a contact you already have, tap Add to Existing Contact.

    Contact info from an email on an iPhone
  4. If you're creating a new contact, confirm the name and edit or add details as you see fit, and then tap Done. To add the email to an existing contact, select the contact from the list, edit any details as necessary, and then tap Update.

    Adding contact details on an iPhone

Locate the Email Address

Another way to add someone's email address to an existing or new contact on your iPhone is by finding their email address in the email. You might use this technique if someone else sent you the email address or if the address you want to use is in the signature.

To do this, open the email message that contains the email address, and then hold your finger down on the address link. Select Add to Contacts and then complete steps 3-4 above.

Adding contact information from an email address in an email on iPhone

If you make a mistake and add the email address to the wrong contact, enter the wrong name, change your mind about making the new contact, etc., you can make changes through the Contacts app.