How to Save an Email Template in GoDaddy Webmail

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Bryan Thatcher; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Give yourself a head start on composing similar emails., Email templates can make composing similar (or even identical) messages much faster and less annoying.

In​ GoDaddy Webmail, saving an email as you are composing it as a template for future messages is easy. You can just save the message's body text or default recipients and a standard ​Subject as well.

Save an Email Template in GoDaddy Webmail

To create a new email template in GoDaddy Webmail:

  • Click Compose.
  • Compose the email as you want it to appear when you start from the template.
    • GoDaddy Webmail will store recipients and subject text as well as the message text and attachments—make sure they are available when you will use the template—as well as other properties such as the message's priority.
  • Now click the triangle pointing down () next to Save.
  • Select Save as Template from the menu that appears.
  • Type a title for the template that will help you recognize it later.
  • Click Save & Close.
    • You can also click Save & Edit, of course, if you want to send a message using your new template right away.

Save an Email Template in GoDaddy Webmail Classic

To create a template for new email messages in GoDaddy Webmail Classic:

  • Click Compose in the GoDaddy Webmail Classic toolbar.
  • Add message text, recipients, a subject and more as you prefer them to appear in a new message you start using the template.
    • GoDaddy Webmail Classic will remember attachments, Bcc: and Cc: recipients and the message's priority as well.
  • Click the Save as… button (sporting, a tad anachronistically perhaps, a floppy disk) in the message's toolbar.
  • Select Save as Template from the menu that appears.
  • Type a name that will let you recognize the message template under Enter a template name.
  • Click Save & Close (or Save & Edit if you want to continue editing and eventually sending the message).