How to Return a Kindle Book

Whether borrowed or purchased, returning a Kindle book is easy

What To Know

  • For purchased books: Go to, and select Content. Press the three dots next to the title. Press Return for Refund.
  • For borrowed books: Go to, and select Content. Find the book, and press the three dots(...) > Return This Book > Yes.

This article explains how to return any Kindle book for a full refund, but there are some limitations; Kindle books can only be refunded within seven days of the initial purchase, and you can only refund purchases to your Kindle immediately after completing the transaction.

How to Return a Kindle Book for a Full Refund

Here's how to request a refund on a Kindle book through

  1. Navigate to, and select Content.

    Content button on
  2. Locate the book you want to return, and select the ... button to the left of the title.

    A screenshot of the Amazon content management page.
  3. Select Return for Refund.

    Return for Refund link on
  4. Select a reason for the return, then select Return for Refund.

    Return for Refund button on
  5. Repeat this process to return any additional Kindle books you purchased accidentally or no longer want.

    You need to request your refund within seven days after your purchase.

How to Cancel a Kindle Purchase

When you buy an eBook from Amazon, you have the option to either cancel the order or request a refund. You can cancel the order immediately, regardless of whether you bought the book with your Kindle or through, but you can only return books at a later date through

If you want to cancel an order on your Kindle, you have to do so immediately after you make the purchase. This is useful if you made the purchase accidentally and you want your money back.

The purchase confirmation screen on your Kindle gives you the option to go to your library, where you can start reading your new book, or to continue shopping. Beneath these large buttons, you'll find a smaller CANCEL ORDER link:

Purchased by accident? Cancel Order link on Kindle

To immediately refund a Kindle book purchase, select the CANCEL ORDER link. This will remove the book from your digital library, and your original payment will be refunded.

There is no way to refund a Kindle book purchase on your Kindle if you close the purchase screen. At that point, the only way to obtain a refund is through the Amazon website.

How to Return a Kindle Book That You Borrowed

Kindle owners are able to borrow books from their local library, friends, and the Kindle Unlimited program. Anyone can borrow from a friend, while Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription service.

When you finish a book you've borrowed, you need to return it. Returning a book you borrowed from a friend allows them to read it again, or lend it out to someone else while returning a book to your local library or Kindle Unlimited allows you to borrow additional books.

Regardless of where you borrowed a Kindle book, the return process is always the same, and it uses the content management system.

Here's how to return a Kindle book that you borrowed:

  1. Navigate to, and select Content.

    Borrows menu item on Amazon Kindle website
  2. Locate the book you want to return, then select the ... button next to the title of the book.

    The ... button on Amazon Kindle website
  3. Select Return This Book.

    Return this book link on Amazon Kindle website
  4. Select Yes.

    Yes button to return a Kindle book
  5. Repeat these steps to return any additional books that you have finished reading.

When Does Amazon Allow Refunds and Returns?

There are a few different circumstances under which you can return a Kindle book:

  • Returning a purchased book for a refund: You can return a Kindle book and get your money back under some very specific circumstances.
  • Returning a Kindle book you borrowed from Amazon: When you borrow a book from any of Amazon's lending programs, it counts against your limit. Once you reach the limit, you have to return at least one book that you have borrowed before you can borrow another.
  • Returning a Kindle Book you borrowed from the library: When you use your Kindle to borrow a book from your local library, it will expire eventually without any effort on your part. But if you want to return it early, you can.
  • Returning a Kindle book you borrowed from a friend: When a friend lends you a Kindle book, you have to remember to return it when you're done.

In order to return a Kindle book for a full refund, you need to meet a few requirements. The first is that you must request a refund within seven days after making the purchase. The second is that if you want to request your refund through your Kindle, you need to do so immediately after making the purchase. Otherwise, you'll have to request a refund through the website.

Returning borrowed books works the same regardless of whether you borrow from a friend, your local library, or through the Kindle Unlimited program. While the borrowing processes are different for each of these, returning a borrowed book always works the same way.

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