How to Return a Book on Audible

If you aren't into a title you chose, you can send it back

What to Know

  • On desktop: Under your name, select Account Details > Purchase History > Return> choose a reason > Return.
  • On mobile site > Menu > My Account > Purchase History > select book > Return > choose reason > Return.
  • You have 365 days from the date of purchase to return a title.

This article explains how to return a book on Audible. At some point during your Audible journey, you'll probably buy a book that just doesn't do it for you. Fortunately, Audible allows you to return a book and get your Audible credits back.

How to Return a Book on Audible

There are a couple of caveats to returning an Audible book:

  • You have to be an Audible member.
  • Your return needs to occur within 365 days of when you originally received the book.

How would you even have an Audible book without being a member? Someone can gift you an Audible book, or you can purchase a book in Audible format on Amazon.

Provided these two things are true, you can take a few simple steps to return your book, and you'll get a refund via whatever payment method was used for the initial purchase. If, for example, you bought the book using an Audible credit from your membership, you'll get that credit back. If someone bought a book for you with their credit card, it'll be refunded back to them.

While Audible Asks for a Reason, You're Always Free to Make a Return

How to Return an Audible Book Using the Desktop Website

To return a book on the desktop Audible website, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Audible website.

  2. Hover over your name in the upper right of the screen to reveal a dropdown menu.

    The Account Menu is the One with "Hi!" and Your Name, in the Upper-right Corner.
  3. Select Account Details.

    Selecting Account details.
  4. On the resulting page, select Purchase History from the list on the left.

    Selecting Purchase History.
  5. Find the book you'd like to return, then select Return.

    The Purchase History Page in Your Account Lists All Your Past Purchases.
  6. Select a reason for the return.

    Audible Asks the Reason for Your Return, But It Won't Affect Your Ability to Do So.
  7. Select Return to finalize the transaction.

    Select Return.

How to Return a Book on Audible Using the Mobile Website

Returning a book on the mobile website requires similar steps, although some of the names and layouts are different.

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Audible website.

  2. Tap the Menu in the upper-left, represented as three horizontal lines.

  3. Tap My Account.

  4. Tap Purchase History.

    The "Your Account" Page Contains the "Purchase History" Link, Just a Little Further Down.
  5. Tap one of your purchased books.

  6. Tap Return to make the return.

    There will be a return option for each book in the purchase that's eligible. If a book has already been returned, it was have a 'returned' status.

  7. Tap a reason for your return.

    Provide Audible a Reason For Your Return with a Familiar Screen.
  8. Tap Return to finalize the transaction.

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