How to Restart a Chromebook

Quickly reboot your Chrome OS computer

Generally, you won't need to restart a Chromebook and can just leave it running or let it sleep, but now and then you'll need to restart your Chromebook to apply software updates or perhaps to resolve issues like a frozen Chromebook. There are a few different ways to restart a Chromebook, and some will vary depending on your device. Here how to restart your Chromebook and also how to perform a hard reset in the event your Chromebook is malfunctioning.

How to Restart a Chromebook

This process is a quick and easy way to restart your Chromebook. If your Chromebook is encountering any minor issues, such as struggling to connect to Wi-Fi, this method of restart should help resolve those issues.

  1. Find the Power key on your keyboard (most likely at the top right corner, though some devices may have the key in a different location, such as those with a tablet mode).

    The location of the Power key on the Chromebook keyboard.
  2. Press and hold the Power key for about two seconds until you see your screen off (if your Chromebook is running properly, you may see an option appear to Power Off, which you can select instead).

  3. Press the Power key again to boot your Chromebook.

How to Restart to Update a Chromebook

If you're Chromebook has downloaded an update to its software, you'll have to restart your device to apply the update. Use the following steps to ensure the update is successfully installed:

  1. Click on the notification panel/quick settings menu in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    The Chromebook Notifications panel.
  2. If an update is available and downloaded, you'll see a button that says Restart to Update. Press that button.

  3. Wait for your Chromebook to shut down and power back up.

How to Hard Reset a Chromebook

If you're having more serious issues with your hardware, you can also try to perform a hard reset. Here's how:

Performing a hard reset on your Chromebook may delete files you have in your Chromebook's Downloads folder. These files will not be recoverable, so make sure you've downloaded or backed up any downloads you want to keep.

  1. Press and hold the Power key until your Chromebook shuts down.

  2. Locate the Refresh key. It will look like an circular arrow and should appear in the top row of your device's keyboard next to the back and forward arrow keys.

    The location of the Refresh key on the Chromebook keyboard.
  3. Simultaneously press and hold Refresh and tap the Power, and when your Chromebook starts, release the Refresh key.

    For Chromebook tablets, Google says to press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons for 10 seconds

This should help resolve any other issues you may be having with your keyboard or trackpad. But, if you're still running into issues on your Chromebook, you may need extra help to fix Chromebook problems.