How to Reset Your Xbox Series X or S

If your Xbox Series X or S is acting up, try a soft or factory reset


What to Know

  • To do a soft reset, turn the console off and back on again.
  • To perform a hard reset turn off the console, disconnect the power, wait 5 minutes and then reconnect it and turn the console back on.
  • To factory reset the console, press the Guide button > Profile & settings > SettingsSystem > Console info > Reset console.

This article explains how to soft reset, hard reset, and factory reset an Xbox Series X or S.

Resetting vs. Hard Resetting vs. Factory Resetting

Resetting an Xbox Series X or S can fix a lot of problems, including poor performance, long app load times, mic echo, and more, but there are different types of resets and reboots.

  • Soft reset: When you shut your Xbox Series X or S off by pushing the power button or using the on-screen menu option, and subsequently turn it back on, that’s known as a soft reset or reboot. This is the least invasive, and it happens each time you turn your console off.
  • Hard reset: This type of reset requires you to power your console all the way down before turning it back on. Since power is removed completely, this clears out more things and fixes more problems.
  • Factory reset: This type of reset reverses all of the changes that were made to your console after it left the factory. Local data is removed, and you have to reinstall system updates, download your games again, etc.

In many circumstances, hard reset and factory reset are used interchangeably. In the case of the Xbox Series X or S, and other consoles like the Xbox One that are never fully turned off during normal use, the term hard reset instead refers to removing power from the device.

How to Soft Reset an Xbox Series X or S

If you leave your console on all the time, just allowing it to enter a low power mode between sessions, then a soft reset every once in a while can fix some problems.

There are two ways to achieve a soft reset:

  • Use the Power button on the console.
  • Use the on-screen menu option.

To use the first method, you simply press the Power button, release it, and check to make sure that the console powers down and that the video input to your television ceases. Once that has happened, you can push the button again to turn the console back on, and you have performed a soft reset.

To use the on-screen menu option:

  1. Press the Guide button.

    The guide on Xbox Series X/S.
  2. Navigate to Profile & system > Power.

    Profile & system on Xbox Series X/S.
  3. Select Restart Console.

    The power off menu on Xbox Series X/S.

How to Hard Reset an Xbox Series X or S

Hard resetting an Xbox Series X or S is a little more involved, but it’s still very easy. This process doesn’t delete any of your information, so you can safely perform it without fear of losing any game data.

Here’s how to hard reset your Xbox Series X or S:

  1. Shut down your console by pressing the power button.

  2. When the console shuts off, release the power button.

  3. Unplug the console from power.

  4. Wait at least 10 seconds.

  5. Plug the console back in.

  6. Turn the console on.

How to Factory Reset an Xbox Series X or S

Unlike the other types of resets, a factory reset removes your personal data. While this type of reset can fix a lot of problems, it’s a last resort option as you will have to reinstall any relevant system updates and download your games again. Other personal information, like achievements and cloud saves, aren’t stored on your Xbox, so they won’t be affected. Anything that is stored on your Xbox, however, will be removed.

Here’s how to factory reset your Xbox Series X or S:

  1. Press the Guide button, and navigate to Profile & settings > Settings.

    The guide on Xbox Series X/S.
  2. Navigate to System > Console info.

    System settings on Xbox Series X/S.
  3. Select Reset console.

    A screenshot of system console info on Xbox Series X/S.
  4. Select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for a full factory reset, or RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS to return the console to factory settings without deleting things you have downloaded.

    Resetting an Xbox Series X/S to factory settings.

    Your console will immediately reset itself as soon as you select one of these options. There is no confirmation, and there is no turning back. You may want to start with RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & SAVES since it's less invasive, then try the other option later if your problem persists.

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