How to Reset a Ring Doorbell

Get your smart doorbell working again

What to Know

  • The quickest way to fix an issue is reset to factory settings.
  • To reset, press orange Reset for 15+ seconds > release button, ring light flashes. When light goes off, doorbell is reset.
  • To disconnect your account, open Ring app on smartphone > Settings > Remove Device > Delete.

This article explains how to reset a Ring Doorbell. Instructions apply to Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell 2, and Ring Doorbell Pro.

Ring Doorbell
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Reset a Ring Doorbell to Fix an Issue

You may experience a hardware or connectivity issue with your Ring Doorbell, such as the device not connecting to Wi-Fi properly. You may also experience a problem with a special feature, such as night vision. In such cases, resetting the device may fix the issue.

  1. Find and press the orange Reset button on the back of the Ring Doorbell for at least 15 seconds.

    • For Ring Doorbell 2, press and hold the black button on the front side of the camera.
    • For Ring Doorbell Pro, press and hold the black button on the right side of the camera.
  2. Release the button. The ring light flashes to indicate that it's resetting.

  3. The light goes off when the reset is complete.

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell to Disconnect Your Account 

Another reason to reset a Ring doorbell is so you can sell it or give it to another user. You don't have to do anything to the doorbell. Instead, disconnect the doorbell from your account on the Ring app so it can be registered and used by someone new.

Deleting your Ring Doorbell from the app removes any video recordings from your phone. Make sure you download videos you want to keep.

These instructions apply to iOS 9.3 or newer and Android 5.0 or newer.

  1. Open the Ring app, then tap the Ring Doorbell you wish to disconnect.

  2. Tap Settings (the gear cog) in the upper-right corner.

  3. Tap Remove Device and confirm the device's removal.

  4. Confirm the removal from the device by selecting Delete.

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