How to Reset or Change Your Instagram Password

Forgot your password? Change it to recover your account

What to Know

  • Go to Log in > Forgot Password. Enter your email address, phone number, or username and select Reset Password.
  • Check the email or phone number associated with your account for a link to reset your password.
  • In the mobile app, you have the option to use Facebook to log back in if your accounts are linked.

Whether you're downloading Instagram to a new device, or have been logged out accidentally, it's sometimes hard to recall a password you don't often use. If you forgot your Instagram password, resetting it is a quick and easy way to recover on any device.

How to Change and Reset Your Instagram Password

First thing's first, make sure you have your Instagram app open on your phone or you have the Instagram website loaded on your computer.

  1. On the front page, you will see an option to Sign Up; towards the bottom is an option to Log in. Go ahead and select Log in.

    A screenshot of Instagram's Sign Up and Log In page on desktop.
  2. Select Forgot Password.

  3. You'll have the option to enter either your email address, phone number, or username to get started. Enter whichever you choose into the blank field, then select Reset Password.

  4. Once you enter your information, a pop-up will let you know to check the email or phone number associated with your account for a link to reset your password. You'll receive either a text message an email containing a link.

  5. Navigate to where your link is once you receive it and open it.

  6. In the New Password field, enter a new password. Instagram will then ask you to confirm the new password in the New Password Confirmation field. Afterward, select Reset Password.

  7. Instagram will send you a text message, if applicable, with a reset code. Enter the code into the Security Code box.

  8. If the code you enter is correct, your password change is successful and you'll be redirected to your Instagram account.

    Keep your new password somewhere safe, in a location you can remember for the future. Invest in a password tool such as LastPass or use your browser to remember passwords for you.

  9. You're done!

Using Facebook Reset on Mobile

When resetting your Instagram password on mobile, you have the option to use Facebook to log back into your account if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked.

  1. On your mobile device, tap Forgot Password.

  2. On the next screen, you'll see a Continue As your name on the bottom with the Facebook icon. Tap this button to log in with your Facebook account. You'll be redirected to your Instagram account if successful.

Why Can't I Log in to Instagram?

If you think you need to reset your password, consider the a few reasons why Instagram could be denying you access to your account. Some of these reasons might include:

  • Password entered incorrectly: Entering your password incorrectly is easy to do, especially on a mobile device. Try logging in again, this time paying close attention to what you're typing.
  • The password is case-sensitive: Instagram uses case-sensitive passwords, meaning you must type lowercase and uppercase letters exactly the same each time.
  • Username is incorrect: Make sure your username is correct. The good news is, Instagram allows you to use your phone number, username, or email address to log in. You can try your options here.

If all those options fail, it's definitely time to reset your password to enter your account. Whether you're on your phone or your desktop computer, the process is quick, simple and exactly the same.

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