How To Repost Photos in Instagram the Right Way

Using Instagram on iPhone

Instagram is the biggest and baddest photo social sharing network in the world. If you do not believe me here are those eye-popping stats:

  • 400 Million active users a month
  • 40 Billion plus photos shared 
  • 3.5 Billion "Likes" daily
  • 80 Million photos shared daily

It really is crazy. Although my addiction to the app has lessened in the last year or so, I still check the app daily. I follow some amazing photographers, follow the lives through images of my family and friends, and I try to engage with them as much as I can.  The idea behind Instagram is not just about the photos but really about the community.

When I first started, I was amazed by all the beautiful imagery and the fact that I am staring through a window of images in so many parts of the world! That is amazing.

So I began to do what many other users on Instagram did.  Highlight, showcase, bring to light - all the amazing photos I see. I would make a grid of my top 4 images of that week, encourage people to follow the users I feature, and then I used a hashtag to list all of my showcases. I did this for my first 2 years on Instagram until the hashtag started to get abused by the users who would abuse the idea of hashtags.

The point of my story is that: Instagram is a social place. It's like Twitter. It's like Tumblr. It's just like it's parent company Facebook. The idea behind social networks is not just to share what you are doing or seeing, but to also re-share/repost/retweet/reblog what you love to your own audience.

But with photos how do you do it while giving the proper credit to the original photographer?

You Should Use Repost 

If you are a heavy user of Instagram, then I am pretty sure you have seen the images in your timeline that have a little square formed by two arrows chasing each other in the bottom left hand corner.  Also included with that square is a user name.Wait! that user name is not someone you follow.  Whoever reposted that image has led you to that user and you begin to follow. Great concept! 

Repost (Free: iOS / Android)  is an app for iOS and Android that let's you share the photos that you like/love on Instagram and doing so by giving proper credit. The features of the app include: repost from your likes, view popular reposts and users, and search users and tags easily. What exactly do these mean?

Repost from your likes means that you are able to find images that you liked within Instagram and then share, #Repost, to your audience.  Because there is a specific hashtag, the app also helps you view those posts that are popular within the app and also search 

How Do You Use Repost

Once you have downloaded the app, you will then use your Instagram account to login into Repost. Remember to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Only you can decide if you agree or not with those legal terms. Once you have logged in, you will then see your own feed in a grid format. Below your profile you will then see: Feed (who you follow on Instagram), Media (your own grid), Likes the images and videos that you "liked," and Favorites (which has no purpose because you cannot fave something in Instagram.)

Below your content, you will then find three tabs; your grid, trending (which consists of reposts and users of the app who are popular,) and search, The interface is very similar to Instagram despite the additions of its features. This makes using the app very easy.

So you have found a photo or video that you want to repost?

  • Click on the photo on the grid of folks you follow,
  • Click Repost
  • Options for Repost means you can customize the watermark
  • Click Repost 
  • For your first time, the app will ask you to have access to your camera roll, hit OK
  • Once the export is completed, a window will then come up stating, Ready for Instagram. Here you can either dismiss or open in Instagram
  • You will see the content you want to respost. You are now in Instagram so just post as you normally would.

It is pretty easy. 

Like many free apps, you have the option to upgrade. In the main screen, you will see the Unlock Pro button.  Here is where you can upgrade. The upgrade removes the ads that are in the free version as well as add multiple accounts. Another feature when you upgrade to Pro is getting rid of the watermark. I am not sure why this is an option as the watermark is what helps you credit the original user.

My Final Thoughts

I like this app but know that it is definitely for a certain population in Instagram. Not everyone wants to repost another persons content in Instagram. Call it what you will, but I think that Instagram as a culture is built that way. Instagram wants you to share your world. What you decide to do with other peoples content is somewhat of a deviation from that. 

Also what I am finding within the hashtag that the app creates, is it is the same content that I do not like on Instagram. Memes should be for left for Facebook and Twitter. My Instagram I like to keep original; not only for my own feed but that also includes the people I follow. Keep it original. 

I love the idea of the app as a showcasing of other users.  If Instagram can return to those simple days, then this app would have been used widely.

Should you get the app and contemplate upgrading even?

I think you need to decide what your Instagram experience is going to be like. If you want to highlight users or if you want to repost the meme of the angry cat, then Repost should be an app to own. The app does what it advertises and does it well. Be a responsible instagramer and properly credit folks. 

It's just good karma.