How to Report a Purchase Problem to iTunes Support

What to do if your iTunes store purchase goes wrong

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Purchasing digital music, movies, apps, ibooks, etc., from Apple's iTunes Store is usually a smooth and trouble-free process that goes without a hitch. But on rare occasions, you may run into a purchase problem that needs to be reported to Apple. Common problems you might face when purchasing and downloading digital products from the iTunes Store include:

Corrupted File

In this scenario, the process of purchasing and downloading your iTunes Store product may appear to have successfully completed, but you later find that the product doesn't work or is incomplete; such as a song that suddenly stops working halfway through. The product on your hard drive is therefore corrupted and needs reporting to Apple so you can download a replacement.

Your Internet Connection Drops While Downloading

This is a common problem that can happen while you are downloading your purchase to your computer. The chances are, you will either end up with a partially downloaded file or nothing at all!

Downloading Is Interrupted (At the Server End)

This is rare, but there can be instances when there is an issue downloading your product from the iTunes servers. You may still be billed for this purchase and so it is important to send Apple a report of this issue in order to re-download your chosen product.

These are all examples of incomplete transactions that you can directly report via the iTunes software in order for one of Apple's representatives to investigate.

Using the iTunes Software Program to Report a Purchase Problem

The built-in reporting system isn't always easy to find in iTunes, so follow the steps below to see how to send Apple a message about your iTunes Store problem.

  1. Run the iTunes software program and apply any software updates if prompted.

  2. In the left window pane, click on the iTunes Store link (this is found underneath the Store section).

  3. Near the top right-hand side on the screen, click the Sign In button. Type in your Apple ID (this is usually your email address) and password in the relevant fields. Click Sign In to proceed.

  4. Click the down-arrow next to your Apple ID name (displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen, as before) and choose the Account menu option.

  5. Scroll down the Account Information screen until you see the Purchase History section. Click on the See All link (in some versions of iTunes this is called Purchase History) to view your purchases.

  6. At the bottom of the purchase history screen, click on the Report a Problem button.

  7. Locate the product you wish to report and click the arrow (in the order date column).

  8. On the next screen, click the Report a Problem hyperlink for the product you have an issue with.

  9. Click the drop-down menu on the reporting screen and choose an option that most closely relates to your type of issue.

  10. It is also a good idea to add as much information as you can in the Comments box so that your issue can be quickly dealt with by an Apple support agent.

  11. Finally, click the Submit button to send your report.

You will normally get a reply via the email address that is registered to your Apple account within 24 hours.