How to Report a Gmail Bug

When something goes wrong in Gmail while you believe to be doing everything right, you need to keep the frustration, anger and disappointment to yourself, wall and neighbors. It would be good to share it.

If you share the Gmail bug you've encountered with Google, there's a good chance you will not experience it again — and others won't have to deal with it ever. Letting Google know about a bug in Gmail is not only salutary, however, it is also pretty easy.

Report a Gmail Bug

To report a bug and issue with Gmail to Google:

  • Check Gmail's status.
    • Google may already be aware of the problem you are seeing and working on a solution.
  • If your problem can be seen somewhere in Gmail — if a page or email does not load correctly, say, or you get an odd error message —, try to reproduce the bug and make it visible.
  • In general, try to repeat any actions that led you to the problem so you can explain how to get to the bug you are about to report.
  • Click the Settings gear in your Gmail's toolbar.
  • Select Send feedback or Report a bug from the menu that comes up.
  • Describe the Gmail bug you are reporting under Describe the problem:.
    • State, first, what you did. ("I set up a filter to 'apply the label: out of office' to messages containing 'ข้อความตอบกลับขณะลาหยุด' in the subject and have them 'skip the inbox'. 'Test Search' found all existing messages to which the rule should apply.")
    • List, then, what you expected to happen. ("Future messages with 'ข้อความตอบกลับขณะลาหยุด' appear in the label and under 'All Mail' only.")
    • Describe, finally, what happened instead. ("I'm still seeing emails with 'ข้อความตอบกลับขณะลาหยุด' in my inbox.")
    • If possible, give instructions to duplicate the bug into which you ran.
  • Click Next.
  • If the bug can be seen on the page:
    • Click Highlight.
    • Draw a rectangle with the mouse to highlight it.
    • You can also click on any area that lights up as you move the mouse cursor over it to highlight it.
    • You can highlight multiple rectangles and pieces.
    • To remove a highlight, move the mouse cursor over it and click the x that appears in its top right corner.
    • You can scroll the page to highlight an area initially out of sight. To highlight an area covered by the Send feedback pane, click Send feedback, which minimizes the pane.
  • If you need to hide parts of the page that reveal personal information such as email addresses, email text, address book details or subject lines and label names perhaps:
    • Click Black out.
    • Draw a rectangle with the mouse to cover any area.
    • You can also click on any part that dims as you move the mouse cursor over it to black it out.
    • You can black out multiple areas, of course.
    • To make an obfuscated area visible again, move the mouse cursor over it and click the x that appears in its top right corner.
    • Scroll the page to check areas initially out of sight for personal information.
    • Click the Send feedback pane's header to minimize and peek behind it.
  • Click Next.
  • You can find out any information Google will receive along with your screenshot and bug description under Additional info.
    • Your browser, operating system, and installed browser plug-ins will appear under Browser info, for instance.
  • Click Submit.