How to Write Gmail Messages in a Bigger Window

Use full-screen mode in Gmail for more space to write emails

Gmail composition in big window screenshot

Gmail's default message box isn't very large, and it can sometimes be difficult to write a full message when the entire message box only takes up a third of your screen.

Fortunately, you can expand that box to utilize much more screen real estate. This makes it a lot easier to write long emails without having to scroll through the small box over and over.

How to Write Gmail Messages in Full-Screen

Follow these simple steps to make Gmail's message window full-screen:

When composing a new message:

  1. Hit the COMPOSE button to start a new message.

  2. Locate the three buttons at the top right of the New Message window.

  3. Click or tap the middle button (the diagonal, double-sided arrow).

  4. Gmail's New Message window will open in full-screen for more space to write.

When forwarding or replying to a message:

  1. Scroll to the very bottom of the message. Or, you can click/tap the small arrow at the top right of the message (next to the email's date).

  2. Choose Reply, Reply to all, or Forward.

  3. Next to the email address(es) of the recipient(s), click or tap the small arrow.

  4. Choose Pop out reply to open the message in a new pop-up window.

  5. Find the three buttons at the top right of the window.

  6. Choose the middle button; the diagonal double-sided arrow.

  7. The message box will expand to fill up more of the screen.

To exit full-screen mode, just select the two arrows that meet at a point. It's a similar looking button in the same position as the one from Step 3 and Step 6 in these instructions above.