How to Remove Passwords Using PC Login Now

PC Login Now is no longer offered by its developer. A few versions are still available from major download sites but they are all trials. We recommend instead that you look through our Free Windows Password Recovery Tools list or reference our Ways to Find Lost Windows Passwords instead.

Here is our walkthrough of the previously available free version of PC Login Now, which we'll keep up in case it becomes available again:

  1. Visit the PC Login Now Download Page. PC Login Now is an insanely fast and very easy to use Windows password cracking program. PC Login Now works a bit differently than other popular free password hacking programs like the Ophcrack tool. While Ophcrack actually discovers your password, PC Login Now simply deletes it... instantaneously! It's more of a password reset program than a password recovery program.

    For a quick overview, see our complete review of PC Login Now.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now Download Page

    PC Login Now is a program that deletes passwords so the first thing you'll need to do is visit the PC Login Now website. When the website loads, as shown above, click the big Download button.

    Since you obviously can't access your PC right now because you don't know the password, these first five steps will need to be completed on another computer that you have access to. This "other" computer will need to have access to the Internet and the ability to burn a disc - a CD, DVD, or BD will do, whatever you have on hand.

    I highly recommend that you take a look at this entire step-by-step tutorial to PC Login Now before you get started so you know what you'll need to do.

  2. Download the PC Login Now Compressed ISO File. After clicking the Download button as instructed in the last step, PC Login Now should begin downloading automatically. The download is in the form of a single file named PCLoginNow_Full.exe. Inside this file is a compressed ISO file, which we'll extract in the next step.

    A screenshot of PC Login Now downloading in Internet Explorer

    There are not separate versions of PC Login Now for different Windows operating systems. This single program is capable of removing the password from any account in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and even some Windows Server operating systems.

    If prompted, choose to Download or Save this file — each browser phrases this differently. Save the file to your Desktop or another location that's easy to locate.

    The size of the PC Login Now software you're downloading is around 60MB. Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection, the file could take as little as a minute or two or as long as an hour to download.

    The screenshot above shows the download process for the PC Login Now file when downloading using the Internet Explorer browser in Windows 7. If you're downloading with a different browser or on a different operating system, the download process will look a little different for you.

  3. Execute the Downloaded PC Login Now File. Now that the PCLoginNow_Full.exe file is downloaded, locate it and execute it by double-clicking on the file.

    A WinRAR self-extracting archive window should appear.

    What we're doing here is extracting an ISO file from the file you downloaded. The ISO file is what you'll need to burn to disc and take to the computer that you want to remove the Windows password from.

    Software developers sometimes compress files inside of other files to make them smaller and easier to download.

    Take note of the Destination folder path — this is the location that the ISO file will be extracted to.

    Click the Install button.

    A screenshot of WinRAR Self-Extracting Options
  4. Wait While the PC Login Now ISO File Is Extracted. The PCLoginNow_Full.iso file will now be extracted from the PCLoginNow_Full.exe file you downloaded.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now Extraction Process

    When the extraction is complete, the WinRAR self-extracting archive window will disappear.

  5. Burn the PC Login Now ISO File to a Disc. Now that the ISO file is extracted, you'll need to burn that ISO file to a disc - preferably a CD but a DVD or BD disc will work as well.

    A screenshot of a PC Login Now Burned CD

    Burning an ISO file is a little different than burning ordinary files or music. If you've never burned an ISO file to a disc before, I recommend following the instructions I linked to in the last sentence. It's not a difficult process but there are very important things that you need to be aware of.

    If the ISO file is not burned properly, PC Login Now won't work.

    After burning the PC Login Now ISO file to disc, go to the computer that you're trying to gain access to and continue to the next step.

  6. Restart With the PC Login Now Disc in the Disc Drive. The PC Login Now disc you just burned is a bootable disc, meaning it contains a small operating system and software which operate independently of the operating system on your hard drive.

    A screenshot of a Standard PC Boot Screen

    This is exactly what we need in this situation because you can't access the operating system on your hard drive right now because you don't know the password.

    Insert the PC Login Now disc into your optical drive and then restart your computer.

    The initial screen you see after restarting should be the same one you always see immediately after starting your computer. There may be computer information as pictured above or there may be a computer manufacturer logo.

    PC Login Now begins to load after this point in the boot process, as shown in the next step.

  7. Press 1 at the BOOT Prompt. The first thing you'll see is the boot menu for the version of Linux on the disc you burned.

    Unless you know what you're doing here or troubleshooting a problem, enter the number 1 or wait until the menu times out and continues by itself.

    A screenshot of the ISOLINUX Boot Prompt
  8. Wait for PC Login Now to Load. The next thing you'll see is several lines of text that quickly run down the screen. You don't need to do anything here.

    A screnshot of the Linux / PC Login Now Startup screen

    These lines of text are detailing the individual tasks that the operating system is taking in preparation for loading the PC Login Now program.

  9. Click Next on the PC Login Now Main Menu. After the initial startup of your computer and loading of Linux is complete, as shown in the previous step, the PC Login Now menu should display.

    Click the Next button.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now 2.0 Main Menu
    • Don't See This Screen? If Windows started, you see an error message, or you see a blank screen for longer than a few minutes, then something went wrong. If you see anything other than the message shown above then PC Login Now did not start correctly and will not remove/reset your password.
    • Are You Booting to the Disc Correctly?: The most likely reason that PC Login Now might not be working properly is that your computer is not configured to boot from the disc you burned. Don't worry, it's an easy fix.
      See our How to Boot Your Computer From a Bootable Disc guide. You'll probably need to make changes to your boot order, which is all explained in the tutorial.
      After that, go back to Step 6 and try booting to the PC Login Now disc again. You can continue to follow this guide from there.
    • Did You Burn the ISO File Correctly?: The second most likely reason that the PC Login Now disc isn't working is because the ISO file was not burned properly. ISO files are special kinds of files and have to burn differently than you may have burned music or other files. Go back to Step 5 and try burning the PC Login Now ISO file again.
  10. Select the Operating System Installation. The next step in the PC Login Now process is to "Select the SYSTEM".

    What "SYSTEM" means here is the operating system installation. Most of you will only have a single operating system in your computer.

    Choose the operating system installation you wish to access the password files for and click Next.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now Operating System Selection screen
  11. Select the User to Remove the Password For User. Next, PC Login Now asks you to "Select the USER".

    Under the User Name heading, locate the user for which you want to remove the password and select it. If the user account you're looking for isn't listed, PC Login Now didn't find that user on your computer.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now User Selection screen

    Locate the various checkbox options toward the bottom of the window. Check the password is empty checkbox.

    Click the Next button.

    There are various other options here as well but they're not necessary to discuss since we're just removing the password for this user account. However, as you might guess looking at some of these options, there are several other ways in which PC Login Now could be used to manage passwords from outside of Windows.

  12. Restart the Computer. The password for the user account you chose in the last step was removed instantly and you're now asked if you'd like to ... "reset another USER?". If you'd like to, go ahead and choose Yes but otherwise choose No.

    Click OK on the next small dialog box that appears. This will begin the process of restarting your computer.

    A screenshot of the PC Login Now Confirmation & PC Reset Message screen
  13. We're almost done! Two more steps!

If you do not remove the PC Login Now disc before you restart, your computer will likely boot from the PC Login Now disc instead of your hard drive. If that happens, just remove the disc and restart manually.

Did PC Login Now Fail to Remove Your Password?

PC Login Now may not work in all situations. If PC Login Now didn't do the trick, just try one of the other free Windows password recovery programs. Each of these tools work differently so one of the others may work fine even if PC Login Now didn't.

You might also want to check out our Windows Password Recovery Programs FAQ page if you need some help.

  1. Allow Windows to Check for Disk Consistency. One big disadvantage of using PC Login Now is that, by the very method it uses to remove the password, it causes Windows to detect a possible data corruption issue. Windows will run a file check to make sure nothing is damaged.

    While you do have the option to skip these disk consistency checks, I highly recommend that you choose to complete them on every disk that Windows wants to perform the test on.

    A screenshot of a Disk Consistency Check Warning message

    In the next step, you'll finally get to logon to Windows without entering a password!

    I've used PC Login Now several times with many clients and I know lots of readers have used it as well. I have never encountered any problems that I could attribute to PC Login Now. However, please use this and all software I might recommend at your own risk. If you're reading this before using PC Login Now, and this makes you nervous, try Offline NT Password & Registry Editor instead.

  2. Login to Windows - No Password Required! Now that your password has been removed using PC Login Now, a password is no longer required to log on to Windows!

    A screenshot of Windows Vista starting up

    If you are the only user on your computer, Windows will boot all the way to the desktop on the next reboot and will skip the logon screen completely.

    If you're on a multi-user computer (as many families are), the logon screen will still appear after starting Windows but when you click on the user that had the password removed, you will not be prompted for a password and will instead enter Windows automatically.

  3. You're in! Now, all you need to do is ensure this never happens again.

You're Not Done Yet!

Assuming that PC Login Now worked as expected and your password has been removed/reset, I'm sure you're extremely happy to put this behind you and get on with your day. However, now is the time to be proactive so you never have to use PC Login Now again:

  1. Create a Windows password. Now that you can get back into your computer, configure a new password right away.
    Having a secure password is very important so please don't keep using Windows without setting one up. Just make sure it's a password you'll remember this time!

  2. Create a password reset disk. A password reset disk is a special floppy disk or flash drive that you create in Windows that can be used to change your password if you ever forget it again in the future. As long as you can keep this drive or disk in a safe place, you'll never have to worry about forgetting your password, or using PC Login Now, again.

Here are a few other Windows password how-to's you might find useful:

The above screenshot shows a Windows Vista welcome screen but the same steps will, of course, apply with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc.