How to Change the Battery of a Barnes and Noble Nook

Nooks include user-serviceable batteries

One neat thing about Barnes & Noble’s classic Nook eReaders is that they come with a user-replaceable battery, and many of these devices don't. Although figuring out how to change the Nook’s battery isn’t immediately obvious, the process is straightforward.

Remove the Nook's Rear Cover

Removing rear casing of e-reader to replace battery

The slots on the sides of the Nook eReader offer leverage to open the case. Use your fingernails or a flathead screwdriver to pop the plastic cover off the back of the device. The tabs are delicate, so don't apply too much force.

Take Out the Nook eReader Battery

Back of a nook

To the right of the MicroSD slot, the battery—a rectangular slab—is secured by a screw. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to release the battery.

Insert a New Battery Into the Nook eReader

To install the new battery, place it in the slot with the Barnes & Noble logo facing outward. Align the bottom portion of the battery to the appropriate connectors and push in the battery.

When the battery is in the slot, secure it with the screw.

Reinstalling the Nook Back Cover/Rear Casing

Start from the bottom of the device and align the upper connectors with their respective slots. Once they’re aligned, press until they click. Check the sides to make sure the back cover is reinstalled properly without any unnatural gaps.

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