How to Remove Followers on Twitter

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What to Know

  • To remove a follower, open Twitter in a web browser, go to their account page, and select More > Remove this follower.
  • If you want to approve followers, go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Audience and tagging. Toggle on Protect your Tweets.
  • To block a follower, go to More > Block.

This article explains how to remove Twitter followers and prevent them from following you. Instructions apply to the Twitter app for iOS and Android or Twitter accessed from a web browser.

How to Remove Twitter Followers

Twitter made it easier to remove followers without blocking them in an October 2021 update. Previously, people had to use a workaround that involved blocking and quickly unblocking the follower they wanted to remove.

This new removal feature is only available for the web version of Twitter. Android and iOS users can still use the "soft block" workaround to remove followers.

  1. Open the Twitter app in a browser such as Edge, Brave, Firefox, or Chrome. Any internet browser is fine.

  2. Go to the account of the person you wish to remove.

  3. Select More (the three horizontal dots).

    A Twitter user's page with the More icon highlighted
  4. Select Remove this follower.

    A Twitter user's page with the 'Remove this follower' option highlighted

How to 'Soft Block' Followers on iOS and Android

If you're using Twitter on a mobile device and you want to remove followers, you need to use a workaround that's commonly called a "soft block." It involves blocking a person and quickly unblocking them so they're forced to unfollow you. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the navigation menu and select your profile picture.

  2. Select Followers. Go through your list and manually block, then unblock each account you don't want following you.

  3. From your Followers list, select an account to go to that person's profile.

    Twitter profile follower list in the iOS Twitter app
  4. Select the three ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner.

  5. Select Block.

  6. Select Block on the confirmation screen.

    Blocking an account in the iOS Twitter app
  7. Tap Unblock. The account is now unblocked, but the person is no longer following you.

    Unblocking an account in the iOS Twitter app

    Blocking an account stops them from following you, but it also prevents you from seeing their content. Unblocking a blocked account shows their content again and maintains the unfollow action performed by the initial block. The affected accounts see they've unfollowed you and nothing more. They won't know they were blocked for a few seconds.

How to Protect Your Tweets

If you remove a follower, there's nothing preventing them from following you again. But if you protect your tweets, you need to approve every new follow request. Here's how:

  1. If you're using Windows 10 or the web version of Twitter, select More on the side menu. If you're on Android or iOS, skip to the next step.

  2. Select Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety.

  3. Turn on Protect your Tweets. On the web version, select Protect your Tweets, and then confirm by selecting Protect. This makes your Twitter account private and requires that you manually approve every future follower before they can see your content.

    iOS Twitter app on an iPhone

    Setting your Twitter account to private isn't recommended if you're trying to build your brand or promote a service or product since none of your tweets are discoverable by the general public.

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