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As a chat and social networking service, Badoo is easy to use and takes just moments to get started. The registration process is extremely simple and can be fulfilled from any Internet-enabled PC or mobile device, or using Facebook authentication. This guide will help you to get registered for a free Badoo account.

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Badoo Registration in 4 Steps

Screenshot of Badoo signup page
  1. Point your web browser to the Badoo website (
  2. Fill out the membership form fields, as illustrated above:
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Birthday (Day, Month, Year)
    • Zip Code or City, State
    • Gender (Male or Female)
    • Looking For (Men, Women or Both)
  1. Click the blue Sign Up button to continue.
  2. Open your email account to complete registration.

If you do not receive the email after a few moments, check your spam folder, then click the Didn't get the email? link on the next page which appears.

If you would like to use your Facebook account to sign in, skip this step and following the instructions for Facebook authentication on Badoo.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Step 1: Fill Out, Submit the Membership Form
  • Step 2: Check Your Email Account
  • Step 3: Complete Your Registration
  • Step 4: Find Your Friends on Badoo
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Check Your Email Account

Badoo Registration

Next, to complete your Badoo registration, open the email account you provided in the membership form on the site. You should receive an email prompting you to complete your member registration. Click the email provided in the email, as illustrated above.

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Your Badoo Registration is Complete

Badoo Registration

Once clicking the link in your email, your Badoo registration will be complete. You are now able to get started using the chat and social networking site. From this point, you can begin to fill out your Badoo profile, add Super Powers to your account, and begin to find friends.

From this page, as illustrated above, you can find new friends and friends you already know on the service by linking your email and social media accounts.

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How to Meet Friends on Badoo


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From the page illustrated in the last step, users are prompted to find friends on Badoo and start getting connected. In this step, we'll discuss how to start searching for new friends and connecting with existing friends on the service.

Finding Current Friends on Badoo
To begin connecting with existing friends on your email and social networking accounts, click the blue button which reads Check Out Who Else You Know Here. Badoo includes support for 58 different free email account services, social networks and more. Simply enter your account information and follow the on-screen prompts to continue.

Find New Friends on Badoo
To begin finding new friends and potential dates on the chat site, click the orange Meet New People button to begin. On the next screen, follow the prompts to upload photos, fill out your profile and begin searching for new friends.

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Sign In to Badoo with Facebook Authentication

Screenshot of Facebook signup

Badoo users who wish to bypass the registration process may also sign in with Facebook authentication. Not only is this single-step process easier for getting started, but it also allows for easier transfer of photos and information to your Badoo profile.

Locate the Badoo registration form, and click the blue Sign in with Facebook button to continue. If you have not already signed in to Facebook, you will be prompted to do so before connecting your account to the chat and social network service.