How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

Grab some necessities, or take the sting off a big purchase

With a seemingly endless supply of necessities, luxuries, and everything in between, e-commerce giant is everyone's favorite online shopping destination. This makes Amazon gift cards a great gift for any occasion.

If you have Amazon gift cards waiting to be spent, here's how to use them to make a purchase on

If you're looking to purchase an Amazon gift card, buy directly from, or go to one of the many grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, and other brick-and-mortar retailers that sell them.

Amazon gift card assortment

Apply Your Gift Card Balance to Your Amazon Account

The easiest way to redeem an Amazon gift card is to apply the amount directly to your Amazon account. This way, your gift card balance will be applied automatically to eligible purchases. This process is the same whether you have a physical or digital Amazon gift card.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.

  2. Locate your Amazon gift card's Claim Code. On physical cards, you may need to scratch off a coating or pull a tab to reveal it.

    Amazon gift card claim code

    The Claim Code and the card's Serial Number are two different things. The serial number is usually at the very bottom of the card and has 16 or more numbers. The Claim Code is shorter with a combination of letters and numbers.

  3. On your Amazon Account Page, select Gift cards, located near the top of the page.

    Log in to your Amazon account.
  4. Select Redeem a Gift Card.

    Select Redeem a Gift Card
  5. Enter the Claim Code, then select Apply to your balance.

    Enter a claim code and then Apply to your balance
  6. The gift card funds will be applied to your next purchase. Go to the Gift Card Account Page to check your balance anytime.

When you're checking out while making an purchase, opt not to use the gift card balance if you prefer to keep it for another time.

Apply an Amazon Gift Card Directly to a Purchase

Use the gift card during the checkout process, if you prefer.

  1. Add your items to your Amazon Shopping Cart and select Proceed to Checkout.

  2. Under Payment Method, locate the option to Add a gift card or promotion code or voucher.

    Use Amazon gift card claim code during purchase
  3. Enter your Claim Code and select Apply. The gift card funds will be used for your purchase, and any leftover balance will remain in your Amazon account.