How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Never lose another memory

A question mark and delete key on a keyboard.


Whether you've accidentally deleted a Facebook post or deliberately removed content from your Facebook page or profile during a clean-up, there will likely come a time when you'll regret doing so and will find yourself wanting to undelete something that's long gone.

Unfortunately, when something is deleted from the Facebook social network, it's not only removed from your device and app, but also from the Facebook servers. Luckily, there are still some strategies that can be used to recover deleted Facebook posts.

If you're switching to a new smartphone or tablet, you don't need to worry about losing Facebook posts, media, or messages. All of this data is synced to Facebook's online servers and will automatically be available once you download the Facebook app on your new device and log in.

Cancel Your Facebook Account Deletion

If you've already deleted your entire Facebook account, and thus all of your Facebook posts and media, you can still cancel the account deletion process up to 30 days after the request was first submitted.

There is no way to recover a Facebook account if it has been deleted over 30 days ago.

To do this, log in to your Facebook account on the official Facebook website or app and select Cancel Deletion. If the cancel option isn't available, you'll need to get creative and try some of the other methods on this page for recovering your deleted Facebook posts and media.

How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook

There is no simple way to undelete a Facebook post, but there are several sneaky strategies that can be used to find deleted Facebook posts both on the social network and off.

Find the original post

If you've shared a funny or interesting post someone else created onto your Facebook timeline, then found it was deleted later on, you can track down the original content by doing a search via the search bar at the top of the Facebook website and apps.

Try doing separate searches for both the text that was used in the Facebook post and the title of the web page linked to in the post.

Check your emails

If you've enabled email notifications for certain Facebook posts, you may actually have a copy of the post you're looking for in an email in your inbox.

If you can remember some of the exact text from the post, you can do an inbox search for that. Otherwise, perform a search for the word "Facebook."

Check your friend's emails

Some of your Facebook friends may have email notifications enabled and could have received some emails with text from your posts in them, especially if they're personally mentioned or tagged in them.

Ask your friends to search their inbox for the deleted posts you're looking for.

How to Find Deleted Facebook Messenger Posts

Whether you've deleted an individual message or an entire conversation thread in Facebook Messenger, the content deletion is completely permanent and cannot be undone.

However, while messages may have been deleted on your side of the conversation, it's possible they're still available to the other people who participated in the Facebook chat.

Because of this loophole, you can actually recover Facebook Messenger posts you've deleted by asking others to copy and paste the text and images into a new message or email. You can also ask them to send you a screenshot image of the chat's contents.