How to Recover a Lost Windows Live Hotmail Password

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If only you would have had to use your Windows Live Hotmail password more often. Your browser and Windows Live Hotmail itself always took care of that, however, remembering the arcane combination of numbers and letters for you. Always—until now. Now, you find yourself in a different country in front of an alien computer with a browser that has no idea of your Windows Live Hotmail password.

Of course, it occurs to you, you'd have more to worry about if it knew your password.

But trying to get into your account without a password is worrisome, too. Fortunately, Windows Live Hotmail can help. Going through a process of authorization, it allows you to reset your password. Just make sure you remember the new phrase until you're back home.

Recover a Lost Windows Live Hotmail Password

To reset your Windows Live Hotmail password and create a new when you have forgotten your old:

  • If you have a set up a security question with a secret answer:
    • Make sure Security Question is selected under Select an option for resetting your password.
    • Type the answer to the question that appears after Question: under Secret answer:.
    • Click Next.
  • Type the desired new password under New password: and Retype new password:.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Done.

Recover a Lost Windows Live Hotmail Password Without Secondary Address or Secret Question Answer

If you have neither a secondary email address associated with your Windows Live Hotmail account nor a secret question (or a satisfying answer to it):

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