How to Recover a Forgotten GMX Mail Password

Password icon from GMX.
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Explore the options for recovering a GMX Mail account and password.

Your GMX Mail Account Is Probably Not Beyond Recovery

Having a password really hard to guess is one thing; remembering that password is another.

Especially now that your browser seems to have lost its memory, too, is there a way to get back into GMX Mail? If you have set up a secondary email address—your work email account, for example, or another web-based email account; also protected by a strong password, of course—for your account, resetting your GMX Mail password is easy and painless.

Recover a Forgotten GMX Mail Password

To recover a GMX Mail account after you have forgotten the password:

  1. Enter your GMX Mail email address under GMX email address.

  2. Type the random letters shown under Verification.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. If you have a secondary email address set up in GMX Mail:

    • Click Continue under Via contact email address.
    • Open the Requested password link from in your secondary email account.
    • Follow the link to the password resetting page in that email.
    • Enter your GMX Mail email address under Email Address.
    • Click Continue.
  5. If you have a security question that you can answer:

    • Click Continue under Via security question.
    • Enter the answer to your security question.
    • Click Submit.
  6. Type your desired new GMX Mail password under both Enter a new password and Re-enter the new password.

    Make sure you pick a strong password that you can still manage to remember.

  7. Click Save New Password.