How to Recover a Forgotten GMX Mail Password

Password icon from GMX.
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Explore the options for recovering a GMX Mail account and password.

Your GMX Mail Account Is Probably Not Beyond Recovery

Having a password really hard to guess is one thing; remembering that password is another.

Especially now that your browser seems to have lost its memory, too, is there a way to get back into GMX Mail? If you have set up a secondary email address—your work email account, for example, or another web-based email account; also protected by a strong password, of course—for your account, resetting your GMX Mail password is easy and painless.

Recover a Forgotten GMX Mail Password

To recover a GMX Mail account after you have forgotten the password:

  1. Go to the GMX Mail Password Recovery Assistant page.

  2. Enter your GMX Mail email address under GMX email address.

  3. Type the random letters shown under Verification.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. If you have a secondary email address set up in GMX Mail:

    • Click Continue under Via contact email address.
    • Open the Requested password link from in your secondary email account.
    • Follow the link to the password resetting page in that email.
    • Enter your GMX Mail email address under Email Address.
    • Click Continue.
  6. If you have a security question that you can answer:

    • Click Continue under Via security question.
    • Enter the answer to your security question.
    • Click Submit.
  7. Type your desired new GMX Mail password under both Enter a new password and Re-enter the new password.

    Make sure you pick a strong password that you can still manage to remember.

  8. Click Save New Password.