How to Quote a Tweet on Twitter

The best way to share your take on current events with your followers

A great way to get involved in interesting discussions on Twitter or to add your two cents about trending topics is to quote tweet. Quote tweeting is a staple form of interaction on this social media platform. If you want to be more involved on Twitter, quote tweeting is a good way to start.

Instructions in this guide include the steps necessary for quote tweeting on the Twitter desktop website and on its mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

A hand holding an iPhone showing the Twitter Get Started screen, all up against a bright blue background.
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What Is a Quote Tweet?

On Twitter, you're not limited to sharing your tweets. You can also share other people's tweets by retweeting. A retweet shares another person's tweet on your Twitter page, usually so others (your followers) can view the tweet.

A quote tweet is a kind of retweet. A simple retweet shares another person's tweet. A quote tweet lets you share another person's tweet and add your comments to it. Quote tweets are sometimes also referred to as a Retweet with comment.

How Quote Tweets Are Useful

Quote tweets are commonly used throughout Twitter. These are a quick and direct way to add your thoughts to a conversation about a trending topic. Quote tweets are a great way to provide context for your thoughts since these tweets reference the subject you're discussing.

You can also quote tweet your past tweets. This allows you to comment on those tweets to share a new perspective or to bring attention to a tweet because its subject matter is relevant to a topic you're discussing.

You can also use quote tweets to highlight other tweets featuring news stories, videos, or pictures by using the comment portion of it to explain why you felt it was important to share it.

How to Quote Tweet (or How to Retweet With Comment)

A quote tweet can be produced from the desktop website or the Twitter app for iOS and Android.

How to Quote Tweet Using the Twitter Website

  1. Navigate to the Twitter website and log in to your account if you haven't already.

  2. Find a tweet you want to quote tweet, then select the Retweet icon at the bottom of the tweet. The icon resembles a square made of two arrows.

    The Retweet button on Twitter
  3. Select Quote Tweet.

    The Quote Tweet command
  4. A dialog box appears. In the text box, type the comment you want to add to the quote tweet.

    The comment field in a Quote Tweet
  5. After you're done writing your comment, select Retweet at the bottom of the Quote Tweet dialog box to post the quote tweet.

    The Retweet button
  6. Your quote tweet posts and your followers should be able to see it.

How to Quote Tweet From the Twitter App

  1. Launch the Twitter app, sign in to your account, then choose a tweet you'd like to quote tweet.

  2. Within this tweet, tap the Retweet icon.

  3. A menu pops up from the bottom of the phone screen. Tap Quote Tweet.

    The Retweet button and Quote Tweet option
  4. You're taken to another screen. Above the tweet you've chosen to quote, write your desired comment.

  5. Once you're done typing, tap Retweet in the upper-right corner of the screen to post the quote tweet.

    The "Add a comment" field and Retweet button