Learn the Correct Way to Pronounce VoIP

Pronouncing VoIP properly is not as important as the role it plays

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Spelling VoIP is no big deal because it is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which makes it possible for us to communicate over an internet connection. While most of the letters are in uppercase like in other acronyms, the "o" for over is written in lower case. Acronyms have no respect for prepositions.

The problems start when you want to know how to pronounce VoIP.

How to Pronounce VoIP

There is more than one way that this acronym is pronounced. The most common pronunciations are:

  • Vee-oh-eye-pee, which pronounces each letter like you are spelling it out
  • Voyp (similar to voice or void)
  • Voice over IP, which is a phrase, not an acronym at all
  • Internet telephony, which evades the acronym pronunciation entirely

No one pronunciation is right or wrong. English is a dynamic language to which certain words are added or changed by popular demand. 

Voyp (like in voice) and V.O.I.P (spelling it out) are the two most common pronunciations, but most people who are not used to the technical term and who know the technology as one that allows them to make phone calls over the Internet call it "Voice over the Internet."

When an acronym gets a continuous pronunciation like a word such as Voyp, it is a sign of popularity and success. In the U.S., Voyp seems to be winning the battle over V.O.I.P.

Other Difficult-to-Pronounce Acronyms

Do you know how the following are properly pronounced?

  • ASCII - as-kee
  • GUI - goo-ee
  • WYSIWYG - wi-zee-wig
  • EBCDIC - eb-cee-dik
  • WSDL - wiz-dull
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