How to Print Ticketmaster Tickets

Print or download tickets from your Ticketmaster account

You've purchased tickets online through Ticketmaster, you've selected the option to print them at home, and your event is today. Now what? If you need to quickly learn how to print tickets from Ticketmaster, don't worry. It's extremely simple.

Before you start, make sure you have a printer set up and connected to your computer. You don't need color ink, but you should have enough black ink to make the bar codes on your tickets crisp and clear.

How to Use Ticketmaster to Print Tickets

  1. Open your browser and head to Ticketmaster. Select Sign In in the upper right corner of the page.

    Ticketmaster Homepage
  2. While you're signed in, select your name, then select My Account.

    Ticketmaster Account Menu
  3. Your Ticketmaster account page lists out your upcoming events in chronological order in the main area of the page. Select the event you would like to print tickets for, then select My Tickets.

    Ticketmaster My Account
  4. You'll arrive on the event page for the one you selected. Toward the top of the page, select Print Tickets.

    Ticketmaster Event Description
  5. A new tab will open in your browser, displaying your tickets as a PDF. Here, you have two options. You can either download your tickets as a PDF onto your computer, or you can just print them.

    In most browsers, you can press Ctrl+P to print; it will open a print menu. From there, you can either select a printer or Print to File. Printing to file will save the tickets as a PDF.

  6. Each ticket will print out on its own page, and they have unique codes, just like traditionally printed tickets. Give one to each person attending the event to get in.

In case you lose a ticket or print too early, you can print your tickets as many times as you need before your event. You can both print and download a PDF, too, in case you want a digital copy.

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