How to Print PowerPoint Slides With Notes

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What to Know

  • With slide thumbnails: Go to File > Print > Settings > Full Page Slides > Print Layout > Notes Pages. Select a printer and print.
  • Without thumbnails: Go to View > Notes Page to open each slide in Notes Page view. Delete the slide thumbnail from each notes page.
  • Then, select File > Print and choose a printer. Next to Full Page Slides, select the arrow. Under Print Layout, select Notes Pages > Print.

This article explains how to print your speaker notes along with your presentation slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Information covers PowerPoint 2019 through 2013, PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.

How to Print Speaker Notes in PowerPoint for PC

Printing your speaker notes is a straightforward process, whether or not you include thumbnail images of your slides.

Print Notes With Slide Thumbnails

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

  2. Select File, then select Print.

  3. Under Settings, next to Full Page Slides, select the down arrow.

  4. Under Print Layout, select Notes Pages.

  5. Choose a printer and the number of copies you want.

    In the formatting dropdown menu, choose Notes Pages
  6. Select Print.

Print Speaker Notes Without Slide Thumbnails

This process requires manually removing the slide thumbnails from notes pages.

  1. Select View > Notes Page to open each slide in Notes Page view.

  2. Delete the slide thumbnail from each of the notes pages. Select each notes page, then select the slide thumbnail, and then select Delete.

    This action doesn't delete the slides from your presentation; it just deletes the slide thumbnails from your notes pages.

  3. Select File > Print.

  4. Under Printer, choose the printer you want.

  5. Under Settings, next to Full Page Slides, select the down arrow.

  6. Under Print Layout, select Notes Pages.

    Screenshot of printer settings to print PowerPoint speaker notes without slide thumbnails
  7. Select Print.

Export Speaker Notes to Print in Word

Alternatively, you can export your speaker notes from PowerPoint and print them in Microsoft Word.

  1. Open your presentation.

  2. Select File > Export.

  3. On the Export panel, select Create Handouts.

  4. On the Create handouts in Word panel, select Create Handouts. The Send to Microsoft Word dialog box appears.

  5. Select a layout option, either Notes next to slides or Notes below slides.

  6. Select the Paste option at the bottom of the dialog box, and then select OK. Your speaker notes have been exported to Word.

Print Slides With Speaker Notes on a Mac

When using PowerPoint for Mac, the process is a little different.

  1. Open the File menu and select Print.

  2. In the Print dialog box, select Show Details.

  3. In the Layout Box, select Notes.

  4. Add your other printing options, and then select Print.

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