How to Print From OneNote for Windows 10

Put your notes and notebooks to print

Although your OneNote content can be viewed or searched from virtually any device, you may occasionally have a need to go old school and actually print a hard copy of something. Follow the steps below to learn how to print from OneNote in Windows 10, whether it's printing a page, section, or a complete notebook.

This article is intended for users running OneNote for Windows 10.

How to Print From OneNote for Windows 10

  1. Select the three horizontal dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

    The More menu in OneNote
  2. Select Print.

    OneNote for Windows 10 Settings and More menu
  3. The OneNote Printer interface should now be visible, overlaying the main application window. Ensure the correct printer is selected from the drop-down menu provided.

    OneNote for Windows 10 Print interface

    To export the current page to a PDF file, as opposed to printing a hard copy, select Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer menu. 

  4. Enter the number of copies you wish to print.

    Entering the number of copies.
  5. In the Orientation drop-down menu, select either Portrait (tall) or Landscape (wide). 

    the Print Orientation menu in OneNote for Windows 10
  6. Select Current Page from the Pages drop-down menu. 

    the Print Pages menu in OneNote for Windows 10

    If you’d rather print a section or even the full contents of your notebook, as opposed to just the current page, select Current Section or Current Notebook from the Pages drop-down menu.

  7. Select Print

    Selecting Print.

How to Print to OneNote for Windows 10

Now that we’ve gone over how to print content from OneNote, let’s take a look at how you can send information from other apps directly to your OneNote notebook. This can include spreadsheets, emails, drawings, and even entire web pages.

  1. Go to Send to OneNote app on the Microsoft Store and select Get to download and install the free app.

    the Microsoft Store interface
  2. Once the installation is complete you can close the Microsoft Store window, as this app doesn't need to be manually launched.

    screenshot of the Microsoft Store interface
  3. Open the file or document containing the content you want to send to OneNote, then select Print within its corresponding application.

  4. The respective application’s printing interface should now appear, which will contain a drop-down menu with a list of available printers. Select the drop-down menu to view its options.

  5. Select Send to OneNote from the list, then select Print.

    The "Send to OneNote" command
  6. OneNote will now appear in the foreground, prompting you to select a location to save this content. Once you’ve made your selection, select OK to continue.

    the Select Location in OneNote interface

    Select Always send printouts to the selected location if you’d like to skip this step going forward.

  7. The content will now be sent to the OneNote location chosen in the previous step, added to the notebook page in the form of an image. 

    screenshot of a OneNote for Windows 10 notebook