How to Print an Individual Email Message in Gmail

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You need not print an entire conversation to get just one message on paper in Gmail.

TMC: Too Much Context

If you open a message, Google Gmail automatically displays the complete thread. This is extremely useful as it lets you see the context immediately and without having to search for previous correspondence.

If you follow the Print link from an email, Gmail does the same. It displays all the messages in the thread, readily formatted for printing.

But what if you don't want to print all 37 messages, just one?

Print an Individual Email Message in Gmail

To print a single email in Gmail:

  1. Open the desired message.
    • If the message is collapsed in a thread, click its headline to expand it.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Reply.
    • If you see no Reply button, click More options.
  3. Select Print from the menu.
  4. If the message contains images that are not currently shown for privacy reasons:
    • To include the images in the printout:
      1. Click Cancel under Confirm print without images.
      2. Click Display images below above the message body.
      3. Select Print as above again.
    • To print without the images:
      1. ​Click OK.
  5. Print the page that comes up in your browser.
    • ​The printing dialog should open automatically.
  6. ​​Close the message's printing window or tab.

Can I Include the Original Message when Printing in Gmail?

Keep in mind that Gmail hides quoted text when printing a message. To see the original text in addition to the reply, either print the complete thread or the message the quotations are taken from in addition to the reply.

(Updated March 2016)