Learn the Easiest Way to Print an Individual Email Message in Gmail

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Printing a single message in Gmail can be frustrating if all you're getting is the entire conversation, which might be really long if there's been a lot of back and forth. 

Fortunately, there's a really simple method to opening a single message from within a thread of others, so that you can print that one message by itself.

How to Print an Individual Message in Gmail

  1. Open the message. If it's collapsed in a thread, click its headline to expand it.
  2. Locate the Reply button off to the right of the top of the message, and then click the small arrow right next to it.
  3. Choose Print from that menu.

Note: If you're using Inbox by Gmail, open the specific message you want to print but then use the three-dotted stacked menu to find the print option.

Including the Original Message

Keep in mind that Gmail hides quoted text when printing a message. To see the original text in addition to the reply, either print the complete thread or the message the quotations are taken from in addition to the reply.

You can print the whole Gmail thread by opening the message and choosing the small print icon on the upper right-hand side of the email. Each message will be layered below the others.