Easy Way to Print a Single Gmail Message

How to isolate a message in a Gmail conversation before printing

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If you try to print an individual message while using conversation view in Gmail, you might accidentally print out the entire thread, which could contain up to 100 emails. Here's how to print an email from Gmail without printing the entire conversation.

Instructions in this article apply to the web version of Gmail. All steps are the same regardless of which browser you use.

How to Print an Individual Message in Gmail Conversation View

  1. Open the conversation containing the message you want to print.

  2. Select the three dots in the top-right corner of the individual message and choose Print from the drop-down menu.

    If the email thread has a lot of messages, you may need to expand the conversation to find the message you want. To do that, you should see a number off to the left that indicates how many messages are in the thread Click that number to expand the thread, then you can choose the message you want to print.

    Print button in horizontal dot menu in Gmail
  3. If you have turned off the conversation view, then each message is listed by itself in chronological order. Open the message and select the printer in the top-right corner to print the message.

    Open the message and select the printer in the top-right corner to print the message.

    If you select the printer icon while a message is open in the conversation view, then you will print the entire conversation.

Printing Quoted Text in Gmail

Keep in mind that Gmail hides quoted text when printing a message. To print the original text in addition to the reply use these steps.

  1. To print a message including its past messages, open the message you want to print.

  2. At the bottom of the message select the three dot icon that represents Show trimmed content.

    The Show Trimmed Content option on Gmail.
  3. The select the three dot (More) menu on the right side of the message and click Print to print your message with the quoted text included.

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