Easy Way to Print a Single Gmail Message

Isolate a message in a conversation before printing

Printing a single message in Gmail can be frustrating if you're using Conversation View. The Print All button will do exactly as it says, printing every email in a thread. That entire conversation may be long if there's been a lot of back and forth, as Gmail allows Conversation View threads to hold up to 100 related emails.

However, there's a simple method to open a single message in a thread of others, so you can print out that one message by itself.

How to Print an Individual Message in Gmail

If you don't use conversation view, each email is listed by itself in chronological order in your inbox. Just click it and select Print from the menu icon on the right side of the email. If you do use conversation view, you have to isolate the email first.

  1. Open Gmail in a browser on your computer.

  2. Open the message. If it's collapsed in a conversation, click it to expand it.

  3. Click the three horizontal dots located to the right of the Reply arrow at the top of the message you want to print out.

  4. Choose Print from the drop-down menu.

    Print button in horizontal dot menu in Gmail

Including the Original Message

Keep in mind that Gmail hides quoted text when printing a message. To see the original text in addition to the reply, you need to either print the complete thread or print the message the quotations are taken from in addition to the reply.

You can print the whole Gmail conversation by clicking the conversation in your inbox and choosing the small printer icon at the upper right side of the conversation, without expanding any of the messages. Each message opens automatically for print purposes.