Prevent Sent Gmail Email Appearing in Your iPhone Inbox

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Do you get a copy of every message you send from iPhone Mail—in your iPhone Mail Inbox? If you use Gmail with said iPhone Mail, this is to be expected and, for the most part, best ignored.

If you cannot get used to deleting these messages, however, and do not plan to access your Gmail account with another mobile device or email program (more on that below), you can prevent Gmail from sending these copies.

Prevent Sent Gmail Email Appearing in Your iPhone Mail Inbox

To stop Gmail from pushing to your iPhone Mail Inbox a copy of each message you send from iPhone Mail:

  1. Remove Gmail as a POP and re-add it as an IMAP account.

If you prefer simple and speedy POP access:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone's Home screen.
  2. Go to Mail.
  3. Now tap Accounts.
  4. Choose your Google Apps or Gmail account.
  5. Tap User Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  6. Remove "recent:" from the user name.
    • If the user name was "", for instance, make it "".
  7. Tap Save.

The Price To Pay for Not Receiving Sent Mail

Note that the copy you get in your Inbox when you send from iPhone Mail is an unfortunate side effect of "recent" mode, which serves very useful a purpose.

Gmail's recent mode sends all connecting email programs or mobile devices the last 30 day's mail. With recent mode, you can access all your mail on all programs and devices (provided you check once every four weeks).

With recent mode turned off, you may not be able to access messages already downloaded to iPhone Mail if you connect to the same Gmail account with, say, your desktop email program.

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