How To Prepare For MINECON 2016!

MINECON 2016 is right around the corner! Let's get you prepared!

Preparations for MINECON 2016 are officially underway! With the excitement for the convention growing with every passing day nearing its start, we can’t help but wonder what various things will be showcased and announced. While we wait for that information to head our way, however, we can tell you how you can and should prepare. In this article, we will be discussing how you can plan accordingly and make your MINECON experience as best as it can humanly be.


MINECON 2015 Expo Hall. ChrisTheDude/MINECON

MINECON 2016 will be held at the very luxurious Anaheim Convention Center. Located across the street from the Disneyland Resort on Katella Avenue, it will definitely be hard to miss. If you’ve been to many conventions in Anaheim, you will know the location for holding the world famous VidCon, GameStop EXPO, BlizzCon, and much more. The convention center’s large setup allows for comfortable movement amongst con-goers, so get your cosplay on!

Airports and Hotels

If you’ve yet to book your flight and hotel room, you will want to do so as soon as you possibly can. The nearest airport to the convention center is the LAX and the John Wayne airport. The LAX Airport is approximately 45 minutes away from the convention center, assuming you’re driving with no traffic. John Wayne Airport is nearly 22 minutes away from the convention center, again, assuming you’re driving with no traffic present. If you are renting a car, either of these distances should be fine for you, but to eliminate the cost of Taxis, Ubers, Lyfts, etc., the John Wayne Airport is going to be your best bet for staying closer to your desired location.

While only 6,000 tickets have been sold for MINECON, you will still more than likely run into issues finding a hotel for cheap. Luckily, with conventions growing in popularity, hotels oftentimes work in collaboration with the convention to create discounted rooms and accommodations for con-goers. MINECON is definitely one of these conventions with a discounted hotel rate. Heading to Minecon section of the website will allow those planning to go to the convention get a slew of information on this. Scrolling down, con-goers will find a section labeled “Discounted Hotel Rooms”. In this area, you will find a link to an outgoing website allowing you to put in your desired preferences in regards to the convention and sleeping arrangements. You will quickly want to look up and book a hotel room through this if you are hoping for a discounted price as these tend to go extremely fast.

Uber vs. Lyft vs. Taxi

Sebastian Kopp/EyeEm

As mentioned previously, if you are not renting a car and everything you’re hoping to achieve is not within walking distance, Ubers, Lyfts, and Taxis will probably be your means of transportation. However, there is a trick to finding out what your best bet in terms of transportation is. What’s The Fare is a website that allows those of whom are contemplating making their journey via Lyft, Uber, or Taxi a lot easier. This website will estimate the cost of your drive from the point of picking you up at the destination you are leaving and bringing you to the destination in which you are being dropped off at. As most would assume, Lyfts and Ubers are much cheaper. The extra benefit of riding in an Uber or a Lyft is the fact that there is no need to tip. While your driver would appreciate or may suggest it, it is not a mandatory feature.

Uber rates and Lyft rates are extremely cheaper, and from personal experience, they are much safer. If a problem goes wrong in a Taxi, the odds of being connected to a person who can help you is extremely slim. With everything being handled through your phone on Uber and Lyft, these problems are much easier solved and you are able to get in touch with somebody who can help you with a potentially bad experience.

Eat Smart, Quick, and Cost Effectively

While we’re on the topic of money and transportation, this brings up a good time to speak about food. Let’s say you’re hungry and you’re craving McDonald’s for lunch versus the food that is being sold at the convention center. You, for whatever reason, want to eat at the very specific McDonald’s located on West Ball Road in Anaheim. This McDonald’s is approximately two minutes away from the convention center. Your choices would be to either walk, take a Lyft, an Uber, a Taxi, or whatever other means of transportation you have thought up. Both the Lyft and Uber rate is approximately $5, while the standard rate for a Taxi would be approximately $12.

With this extra cost in mind, you know that on your endeavor to find a good meal, you will be spending anywhere from $10 to $24 on transportation alone, as you will need to find a ride back. The ease of getting your food, the time you spend getting your food, the money you spend getting your food, and the quality of your food overall depends on how good your eating experience will be while you are running around the convention. As far as going out to restaurants goes, try to find a place nearby if you’re not wanting to spend a ton of money. If food at a fancier restaurant costs less than you’d be spending on transportation and is within walking distance, go there. You’ll get more of a bang for your buck.

Another fact with most conventions is that food trucks will usually be close by. As far as rumors go, this is true for the Anaheim Convention Center. These various trucks offer a large variety of food for a somewhat reasonable price and are typically near convention centers if the event is large enough. With the ease of these trucks being close to the convention, you should be able to pay, eat, and head back in and enjoy the fun in no time.

Meeting Your Favorite Convention Guests

YouTube Panel at MINECON 2013. (Pictured Left to Right: CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, ihascupquake, and SkyDoesMinecraft). AntVenom

When you’ve got a specific guest you want to meet at a convention, locating them can be extremely hard. Having experience not only in the field of actively looking for these people but having hosted a panel at a convention as well, you tend to pick up on a few things. We have three tips for you on how you can find the various entertainers or personalities you enjoy.

One of the ways to locate the specific person you’re wanting to meet is by knowing their schedule. Have a favorite YouTuber who is going to be featured in a panel? Stop by there and attempt to talk to them afterward. The one thing you will need to remember however is that the if the panel is specifically centered around a personality like AntVenom or somebody along those lines, the odds of meeting that person might be slim. Others will want to meet him or her as well. Try to sit near the entertainer for your best chance. Arrive early for a guaranteed closer seat.

Another way to potentially find your favorite personalities is to follow them on social media. As this is a convention that they are clearly going to because of their presence in whatever industry they’re a part of, they’ll probably be posting about what they’re doing and where fans can interact with them. If they announce where they’ll be hanging out, do your best to get there quickly, but respect the fact that they will be talking to other fans and people. Be courteous and don’t jump into a conversation that you’re not directly part of, just to get a word in or to be noticed.

A final piece of advice on how to find the entertainers you enjoy most is to attempt to locate where the “green room” is and to try and get as close as you can without overstepping any boundaries. More than likely, a person will be standing outside of the door telling con-goers without the appropriate MINECON badges/certification that they are not allowed to go in. Be respectful and stand back a respectable distance from where you are not allowed to go. When you see a specific entertainer that you are wanting to meet walking in or out of the room, be courteous and once again polite. The green room is a room of relaxation, away from all of the stress for entertainers, personalities, etc. While these people definitely want to meet you and will probably not mind giving you a few moments of their time, talking and interacting with a few hundred people is definitely exhausting. Don’t let this fact deter you from wanting to meet that person, however. With entertainers, personalities, Mojangstas, amongst other types of people, they are heading to this convention for you, the con-goer. Put on your best version of yourself and have fun. If you’ve never met the person you’re wanting to, this is your first impression.

Planning Out Your Experience

Knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it is extremely important. With conventions, however, con-goers tend to get extremely sidetracked by unexpected things. While it’s definitely okay to have fun and enjoy these unforeseen attractions, you will definitely want to get a bang for your buck and try your hardest to get to and from the places in a timely fashion.

Want to watch a specific panel and definitely want to get in? Arrive early. If the panel you are wanting to watch will be on a main stage, assume that it will be popular and hard to get into. If it’s on a smaller stage with less seats, arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule. If you hear plenty of people talking about it, however, arrive even earlier. One last small piece of advice for panels is to know what you’re going to ask if the panel is a Q&A. When a line is formed to ask questions, a large majority of people go up and ‘wing it’. Do not do this. These panels are always filmed from start to finish. The last thing you want to do is rewatch it and regret it later. Be straight-forward, don’t ramble, and be confident.

If you’re looking to waste time and you’re not sure how, walk around the convention center for various pieces of merchandise you’d like to buy. More and more Minecraft merchandise has been getting released over the past few months, so it will more than likely be available for purchase at the convention in some way, shape, or form. Depending on this year’s set-up, you may even find fan-created merchandise available for purchase. A smart, effective way to know you’ll only spend how much you’re wanting to is to create a budget for yourself. If you can only spend a hundred dollars, for example, limit yourself to that specific amount. Look around before purchasing the first thing you see as you may find another item you want later.

In Conclusion

Conventions can tend to be tricky, but, hopefully, this article has cleared up a few things you may wonder about during your trip to MINECON 2016. Preparedness is the key to enjoying any new situation. Once again, have fun and enjoy the convention. As more information is released on MINECON 2016, we will do our best to cover it.