How to Post a Video on Twitter

Share the next viral video easily

A mobile phone displaying the Twitter logo.

Chesnot/Getty Images 

Ever wanted to post a video on Twitter and don't know how? Here's how to post videos on Twitter easily, whether through your web browser or the Twitter mobile app, and why it's worthwhile doing.

Why Use Twitter for Videos?

Like so much of Twitter, the convenience of using it for video is it's right there. You already use it to keep up to date with news and what your friends are up to. It's also a great place to share interesting videos and clips from your daily life.

There are a few limitations to be aware of though:

  • Videos must be under 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length. 
  • Videos must be under 512MB in size. 
  • Videos must be between 32 x 32 and 1920 x 1200 resolution. 
  • The maximum frame rate is 40 fps.

If your video doesn't match these requirements, uploading to YouTube might be a better alternative.

How to Post a Video on Twitter From

All videos you post via the Twitter website need to be in MP4 format. If the video isn't in that format, convert it using a free video conversion software tool.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.

  2. Select What's happening?

    Twitter Home Page
  3. Select the picture box icon on the bottom left of What's happening? with a tooltip displaying Add photos or video. 

    Twitter - Add Photos or Video Dialog
  4. Browse for the video you want to upload then select Choose.

    Twitter Home Page Showing How to Trim a Video Before Uploading

    If the video is too long, Twitter automatically takes you to the Trim Video option. You can then choose a 45 second segment of the video or opt to narrow the length of the video down even further via the blue sider under the video. 

  5. Type anything you want to add to your tweet.

    The video doesn't add to the character length of your tweet.

  6. Select Tweet to upload the video to Twitter.

    Twitter Home Page With A Video Ready To Post
  7. You're done!

How to Post a Video on Twitter From the Twitter Mobile App

Uploading a video while on the move can be just as simple as via the website. Videos posted via the Twitter mobile app can be MP4 or MOV format.

  1. Open the Twitter app.

  2. Tap the Create Tweet icon.

  3. Tap the picture icon underneath the What's Happening display.

  4. Find the video you want to upload then tap it.

    You can edit it in the next dialog box if you wish.

  5. Tap done.

  6. Type the tweet you want to accompany it, then tap Tweet.

    Twitter app screens for uploading a video
  7. You're done!