How to Play Smart TV Games

Who needs a console with game apps for smart TVs?

People streaming games through their Smart TV.

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Are you a dedicated PC or console gamer looking to streamline your setup? With the rise of Smart TVs and game streaming services, you can play almost any game right on your TV with just a wireless keyboard or Bluetooth controller. If this sounds like a great idea to you, check out how to access some of the most popular game apps for your Smart TV.

Playing Games on Samsung Smart TV

If you’re interested in playing games directly from your Samsung Smart TV, there are dozens of free games available in many genres for your entertainment. Many of these games require no purchase and can be played with the standard tv remote control.

Dedicated Resources for Free and Cheap Gaming

Smart TV games provide hours of family-friendly fun that players of all ages can enjoy together or separately. Samsung has sold over 100 million Smart TVs world wide and boasts a three million strong user base for Samsung Smart TV Games. There are several fun ways to play games on Smart TV, including smartphone apps, wearable devices, remote controls and compatible Bluetooth gamepads.

Rather than having to buy and connect consoles and controllers, you can stream games directly on your Samsung Smart TV for little or no cost. Samsung has also partnered with game streaming services like GameFly and Steam to stream major titles right to your Smart TV. You can also purchase games and related items directly through your Smart TV itself.

A Better Experience and Better for You As Well

Rather than trying to crane your neck and strain your eyes staring at a computer monitor, streaming games on your Smart TV provides better graphics and resolution for your gaming experience. Samsung in particular has devoted technology such as a specialized gaming engine to provide one of the best graphics experiences available in gaming. The reduction in bleary eyes and stiff necks alone will make you glad that you made the switch to Smart TV Gaming.

Fun for the Whole Family

While gaming was once the province of basements and bedrooms, advancements in Smart TV gaming has led to a truly impressive variety of games. Whether you're looking for a flyer game, a racing title, or a fantasy role-playing game, Samsung Smart TV Games has you covered. By partnering with well-known game companies like Ubisoft and EA, Samsung has dozens of Smart TV games for you and your family to enjoy together.

Sport and racing games have become increasingly popular for Smart TV users to play with friends and family. Because of this, Samsung plans to increase its offerings of friendly, casual games available to you at little to no cost.

How to Play Samsung Smart TV Games

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on your TV's remote to open the Samsung Smart Hub.

  2. Select the APPS icon.

  3. Navigate to the top of the page and select the magnifying glass.

  4. Search for a specific title, or search for "Game" if you’re just browsing.

  5. Select the game you wish to play, then select Install and wait for the app to download.

  6. Play the game.

How to Play Samsung TV Games Using Steam Link

Created by Valve, Steam Link is one of the most popular game streaming services for PC users and gamers interested in cord cutting. The app is available to download on a variety of devices, but Valve has partnered directly with Samsung to stream Smart TV games. While installing and using a Steam Link is very easy to do, you need a pre-existing Steam account to use the app.

If you decide to stream high-quality PC games through your Smart TV, please be aware that you will need a router capable of handling at least 5 gigahertz of bandwidth.

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on your TV's remote to open the Samsung Smart Hub.

  2. Select the APPS icon.

  3. Navigate to the top of the page and select the magnifying glass.

  4. Search for "Steam Link."

  5. Select Install and wait for the app to download.

  6. Open Steam Link and follow instructions for synching the Bluetooth controller or keyboard.

  7. Connect the Steam Link to your existing Steam Account.

  8. Stream games on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Download and Play LG Smart TV Games

  1. Press the Home button on the remote, then select the three slashes icon to launch the LG Content Store.

  2. Navigate to the top and select Search.

  3. Search for Games and browse through the titles.

  4. Once you've chosen a game, select Install and wait for it to download.

  5. When the game has finished downloading, you can immediately launch it. Have your remote control or LG Magic Remote ready and start playing.