How to Play Netflix Roulette

Pick something to watch with this Reelgood tool

What to Know

  • Navigate to the Netflix Roulette tool in a web browser and select a preferred genre. Choose movies and TV shows.
  • Select a minimum IMDB or Reelgood rating, or no rating, and select Spin. Select Watch Now to go directly to the content, or Spin Again.
  • Click Add More Services to add HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ content to your Reelgood Roulette tool.

Netflix Roulette is an online randomizer tool that picks a show or movie for you based on a few key details you enter. This tool is offered by Reelgood, an entertainment streaming hub that helps you search and discover content on your favorite streaming platforms.

How to Use Netflix Roulette

You don't need to register for a free Reelgood account to use Netflix Roulette, but you might want to sign up for one if you plan on using it regularly. You can link your streaming services to your Reelgood account, then select any TV show or movie on Reelgood to go to your corresponding streaming service where you can watch it.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

    A screenshot of
  2. Select the genre you're interested in from the drop-down list.

    You can only select one genre at a time.

    Genre list on Netflix Roulette page
  3. Check or uncheck the TV Shows checkbox and the Movies checkbox depending on whether you're interested in watching a show, a movie, or both.

    Movies and TV Shows check boxes
  4. Select the minimum rating scores you want from the IMDB drop-down list or the Reelgood dropdown list.

    Select No Score if you're open to seeing any TV show or movie suggestions regardless of their ratings.

    Rating scores options
  5. Select SPIN.

    Spin button in Netflix Roulette
  6. Select Watch Now to go directly to Netflix where you can watch it, or select Spin Again.

    Watch Now button in Netflix Roulette

How to Add Other Streaming Services to Your Roulette

If you want to see more TV shows and movies from services other than Netflix, you can easily add Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and more to your Roulette.

  1. Select Add More Services in the upper-right corner.

    Add More Services button
  2. Select the plus (+) next to any streaming service to add them to your Roulette. Any streaming services you add will be highlighted in purple. If you change your mind about adding one, just select it again to remove it.

    A screenshot of

    If you'd like to add all of them to your Roulette, select + Add All in the top right.

  3. Select SAVE at the bottom.

    A screenshot of
  4. You'll be brought back to the Roulette page and the logos for all the streaming services you just selected will appear at the top of the screen.

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