How to Play iTunes Songs in Winamp

Don't like managing your song library in iTunes? Try Winamp

MP3 folder on a computer desktop
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If you use Winamp as your main software media player and also have an iTunes library, then you can import it into Winamp. You'll then be able to keep track of and manage all the music on your computer using just one media jukebox program. Even though you can't purchase music from the iTunes Store directly using Winamp, it's a great software media player that you can use to carry out most tasks that Apple's iTunes software can. Follow this short tutorial to see how you can import your iTunes songs into Winamp.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: iTunes library import time — 2 minutes max.

What You Need

  • Winamp 5.55 or higher
  • iTunes music library

Winamp Software

To download the latest version, you can either visit the Winamp website or use a download site such as FileHippo.

Adding iTunes Songs

If not already selected, select the Local Media menu item in the left pane of the Winamp screen. When the Add to Media Library popup menu appears, select the Import From iTunes button. Winamp will search the iTunes music folder and import any music tracks that it finds; the number that it finds will be displayed in the popup menu. Select the Close button to finish.