How to Play Flip Diving (Better Than You Are Now)

Whether you're enjoying summertime fun down at your local swimming hole or wrapped up in blankets waiting for winter to come to an end, Flip Diving is a mobile game that lets you enjoy the carefree extremity of cliff diving all year round. 

But executing a perfect dive can be a challenge, as every bellyflop will bring you right back to square one. With our Flip Diving tips, tricks and strategies, you should be able to hit the mark in a way that puts real Olympians to shame.

The Basics

Flip Diving Guide - The Basics

Flip Diving is a game about carefully timing your actions to maximize the number of flips you can complete before gracefully untucking and landing perfectly in the water. 

If you successfully enter the water, you'll advance to a higher platform and dive again. Succeed enough, and you'll eventually advance to a new round which offers challenges that are more difficult than the previous one. Round 2, for example, has a smaller landing area that you'll need to land within.

Players will press their finger to the touch screen and release to begin a dive, then press and hold to tuck. While tucked, your avatar will continue to flip until you release. Because of the game's lifelike physics, your avatar will still have some momentum even when untucked, so you'll need to time your release perfectly to successfully enter the water.

How to Not Bellyflop

Flip Diving - How Not to Bellyflop

There are a few ways to end your run in Flip Diving, but the most common of these is easily the bellyflop or the backflop. These are what happens when you don't land a dive correctly, and instead, enter the water at an angle that favors your abdomen or back. 

The goal here is to enter the water as straight as a pin as possible. To do this, you'll need to untuck your dive at just the right moment to aim either your feet or head at the surface of the water. Different dives and different heights will require you to do this at different times, so you'll need to experiment with each scenario to get a feel for what works best for you.

A few things to remember:

  • it doesn't matter if you go in head first or feet first, so don't over-flip to choose over one over the other
  • you'll need to untuck well before you reach the water, so don't wait until the last moment
  • if you're really struggling, don't be afraid to straighten out early in your dive -- landing a dive with fewer flips is better than not landing it at all

How to Avoid the Rocks (and Nail Your Landing)

Flip Diving - Avoid the Rocks

Once you've perfected your dive, there's another problem you'll need to contend with, actually making it to the water. 

Sometimes, seemingly without explanation, you'll find that your diver barely makes it off their starting point and, as a result, cracks their head into the scenery below. It's an unpleasant thought (and a fair reminder of why the only safe cliff diving is virtual), but it's one that can be avoided with a little forethought.

The game's tutorial is fairly decent, but it's missing one key piece of information: how to aim you dive. It's not foolproof, of course, but getting your dive started on the right foot can make all the difference between success and failure.

When you start your dive, instead of quickly pressing and releasing, press and continue to hold. You'll notice that your diver sways in and out a little as they stand there waiting to jump off. This sway will control the angle at which they launch into their dive. If it's the wrong angle, you'll likely hit something other than water and bring your illustrious new diving career to an untimely end.

Similarly, as you advance through rounds, you'll find that the target landing area will get smaller and sometimes even move. Aiming that initial jump is crucial. If you're struggling to end up between the target cones, put some more thought into the trajectory of your starting position.

How to Unlock Dives, Divers and Locations

Flip Diving - Unlock Everything

Diving is all well and good, but let's get real for a minute -- we want STUFF. Lucky for us, Flip Diving has no shortage of it. From new divers and locations to completely different dives, there's plenty in here to unlock and call your own. But how do you get it all?

Coins. Lots and lots of coins.

Like many other free-to-play mobile games, Flip Diving employs a gacha system that lets you purchase rewards in a random, lottery-style event. After earning a set number of coins, players can "spin" a machine and receive a prize -- and that prize could be anything from the three aforementioned groupings.

With each prize unlocked, the cost of the spin machine goes up, so you'll want to earn as many coins as possible through the course of play. (You can also play the machine using the game's premium currency, "tickets," by spending real money.)

There are a few ways to earn coins:

  • Collect them in the air while diving
  • Land on crates when they appear while diving
  • Perform flips while diving
  • Watch videos to earn a coin reward

If you're able to commit five straight minutes of play, there's value in unlocking the coin magnet by watching a video. This will help draw the coins to you while diving for five minutes, so you can focus more on your landing than on raising your coffers during that time.

Don't want to focus on earning coins? Don't worry. You'll be able to take advantage of a free prize spin once every day. It's a slower way to go, but if you're more interested in the gameplay than Flip Diving's collect-a-thon, you won't go have to go home empty-handed.