How to Play Among Us Online

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You can play the popular online game Among Us on Steam, iOS, Android, and even in your web browser. While it's possible to get the free version of Among Us on your PC or mobile device, there are some benefits to purchasing the full version of the game.

How to Get Started Playing Among Us

Here's a rundown of how to get started playing your first round of Among Us.

  1. Choose a game to join, or create your own. Use the filters at the top of the screen to set your preferences.

    Join Game screen in Among Us
  2. When you join a game, you must wait until enough other players have joined. In the meantime, you can walk up to the computer and select Customize to change your appearance.

    Customize computer in Among Us
  3. When you start a new game, you'll be randomly assigned one of two roles: a Crewmate or an Imposter.

    If you're an Imposter, the goal is to kill all of the Crewmates without them figuring out you're the killer. Walk up to a Crewmate and tap Kill to take them down. You'll have to wait a short while before you can strike again.

    Imposters have access to vents to help them quickly navigate the ship; however, if someone sees you, your cover will be blown. You can also thwart the efforts of Crewmates by setting traps. Walk around the ship to find objects you can interact with and select the appropriate icon.

    An Imposter interacts with a vent in Among Us
  4. If you're a Crewmate, your mission is to complete all assigned tasks before the Imposters kill everyone else. Walk around the ship to find objects you can interact with and select the appropriate icon to begin a task.

    A Crewmate interacts with the Weapons chair in Among Us.
  5. When you find a fallen Crewmate, select Report to call a meeting. You can also call meetings using the large Emergency button near the starting point.

    Emergency button in Among Us
  6. Discuss the facts and vote on who to eliminate from the game. Select the Text icon to chat, then select a player to accuse them.

    Voting menu in Among Us.

    Imposters are encouraged to vote and participate in deliberations to throw off the Crewmates.

  7. The game continues until all of the tasks are completed, all of the Crewmates are killed, or the Imposter is identified and voted out. Fallen Crewmates can help their teammates finish tasks, but they can't communicate with them. 

    A fallen Crewmate in Among Us

How to Play Among Us Online for Free

There are a few ways to play Among Us without paying. You can download the mobile version of Among Us for Android or Among Us for iOS and start playing for free right away. The free mobile version of the game is ad-supported, but you can pay $1.99 to remove them.

Another option is to play the fan-created Among Us Online, a web-based version of the game similar to the free version.

How to Play Among Us on PC

You can buy Among Us for Steam or purchase the game as a standalone app from InnerSloth. The desktop version of Among Us is ad-free and only available for Windows. There is no version for macOS or Chrome OS.

It's possible to play the free mobile version of Among Us on a PC using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks. You can also play the mobile version on Chromebooks that support Android apps.

How to Play Among Us With Friends

Among Us supports cross-play, which means that you can join multiplayer games with PC users while playing on your phone and vice versa. To join a game, tap Enter Code under Private on the game screen, create your own game and share the code that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Create Game and Enter Code in the Among Us game menu

Free vs Paid Version of Among Us

Before you can start playing the free version of Among Us, you must first agree to share some personal data, which the game's developers can sell to advertisers. You'll see advertisements between games, but you can usually skip them after a few seconds. To get rid of ads and avoid sharing your personal information, upgrade to the paid version for $1.99.

The PC version of the game features no ads, and you begin with dozens of hats, skins, and pets to customize your character. Cosmetic upgrades can be purchased individually in the mobile version, but there's no way to unlock all of them for a flat fee.

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