How to Pin a Tweet

Your favorite tweets at the top of your feed

An image of the Twitter app login page on a smartphone.
The Twitter iOS app's login page.

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You can pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile so it stays there while you continue tweeting. It's an easy and fun way to make your profile look a little more interesting.

Before you learn how to pin a tweet, make sure you sign into your account at or on the Twitter mobile app.

Navigate to Your Twitter Profile

In a web browser, select your profile icon in the top menu, followed by Profile from the drop-down menu. On the app, tap your profile icon in the top left corner, followed by Profile from the menu that slides out from the left.
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Now that you're viewing your full profile, you can choose any of your tweets to pin to the top.

There are a couple of restrictions when it comes to pinning tweets. First, you can't go to another user's profile and pin one of their tweets to your profile. Second, you can't pin another user's tweet that you simply retweeted without adding a comment first. The only way to pin a retweet is to add a comment of your own to it; this can be something as simple as a punctuation mark, like a period.

Pick a Tweet to Pin and Select the Down Arrow

Once you've chosen a tweet to pin, select the down arrow icon located in the top right corner of the tweet to view a list of options. Select Pin to your profile page. tweet
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You'll be asked to confirm that you want to pin the tweet. Select or tap Pin to confirm it.

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You can then select View now on or watch your profile automatically refresh on the app. Your tweet will be displayed at the top of your profile with a tiny thumbtack icon and a Pinned Tweet label directly above it.

Unpin a Tweet or Pin a New Tweet

To unpin your tweet, select or tap the down arrow again and select Unpin from profile page. You can only pin one tweet at a time, but you don't necessarily have to unpin your current pinned tweet to put a new pinned tweet in its place.

To pin a new tweet, just follow the same process explained above. The old pinned tweet will automatically be replaced with the new one.

Best Practices for Pinning Tweets

Pinning a tweet is easy, but choosing one can be tricky if you want the tweet to convince new users who visit your profile you're worth following. Here are some tips for choosing the right tweet:

  • Pin a tweet that helps you make a great first impression — If you're a comedian, you might want to pin a tweet with one of your best jokes. If you're a business consultant, you could pin a tweet with valuable business insight that demonstrates your expertise. It all depends on what kind of theme you're going for and what kind of audience you want to attract.
  • Pin a tweet to promote your latest blog post, podcast episode, Amazon book, etc — Pinned tweets are great for keeping helpful links front and center. If you're actively promoting something you created or are a part of, you can help drive traffic to it by tweeting the link and pinning it to the top of your profile.
  • Pin a tweet with a link to another social profile If you're active on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or another social network, you can use your pinned tweet to encourage Twitter users to follow you there, too.
  • Pin a tweet that got a lot of attention — Are you proud of a tweet that got a lot of likes, retweets, or replies? Pin it to show it off to even more people who visit your profile.
  • Pin a tweet of one of your favorite quotes — A good quote pinned to your profile can help sum up what you're all about without having to come up with something yourself.
  • Pin a tweet with a photo, a GIF or a video — Twitter users love the visual stuff, so consider pinning a tweet that offers your profile visitors some digital eye candy.