How to Pick Folders to Push in iPhone Mail

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You are not your Inbox alone. You are also what mail is in the "Important," "Urgent," "Vital," "Friends" and "Family" folders.

With an Exchange email account set up in iPhone Mail (such as push Google Apps Gmail, for instance), you can have not only new messages in your default Inbox pushed to the device but changes to any folder. Filter your mail at the server and stay up to date with all the changes automatically in iPhone Mail. (Note that iPhone Mail's badge only counts unread messages in the Inbox.)

Pick Folders to Push in iPhone Mail

To select which folders' new messages you want pushed to your iPhone Mail for Exchange accounts:

  1. Go to the Home screen.

  2. Open Settings.

  3. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  4. Tap the desired Exchange account under Accounts.

  5. Now tap Mail Folders to Push.

  6. Select all folders whose changes you want to be sent to iPhone Mail automatically.

    • Make sure the desired folders have a check mark next to them.
    • You cannot uncheck the Inbox folder. Push email enabled for the Exchange account, new messages in the Inbox always appear automatically.
  7. Press the Home button.

You can also select how many days of mail you want iPhone Mail to download.