How to Organize Your Tasks in Separate Lists with Gmail

You are project leader and mother and travel companion and cook and student and what not. ​You've got goals and missions and tasks for each role, of course. Great in number and diversity, all these to-do items are better off not jumbled together on a single task list. In Gmail, thankfully, you can create multiple lists for multiple roles, projects, contexts, locations, months — or whatever divisions you fancy.

Organize Your Tasks in Separate Lists with Gmail

To create a new list in Gmail Tasks:

  • Make sure Gmail Tasks is open.
  • Click the Switch list button (in Gmail Task's bottom right corner).
  • Select New list....
  • Type the name you desire for the new list.
  • Click OK.

To switch between lists in Gmail Tasks:

  • Click the Switch list button.
  • Now click the desired list.

You can also move existing tasks between lists.

To delete a list in Gmail Tasks:

  • Open the list you want to delete in Gmail Tasks.
  • Click the Switch list button.
  • Select Delete list from the menu.
  • Click OK.

Note that deleting a list will also delete all the tasks it contains.

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