How to Organize Facebook Friends

Girl using laptop on a bed with Facebook on the screen

Brendan O'Sullivan / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Your Facebook news feed is a great way to keep track of friends, family, and co-workers, but it can quickly become quite cluttered as your friends list expands. Let's face it, Facebook is viral, and once a group of friends starts signing onto the social network, your friends list can grow exponentially. Luckily, there are some easy ways to organize your Facebook friends list.

The Facebook Hide Feature

The easiest way to organize Facebook friends is to use the hide feature, which allows you to squelch people from your news feed. This is a great start to organizing Facebook, and for many people, this is the only feature you need.

Simply choose the people you are most interested in seeing on your main page — this could be friends, family or even co-workers if you mainly use Facebook for business purposes — and then hide everyone else. This will let you quickly trim down your main news feed to just the people you want to see.

Is one of your friends playing a Facebook game that keeps updating the wall? You can also hide just an application from your news feed, which means you can keep seeing status updates from your friend without seeing their latest accomplishment in Mafia Wars.

The Facebook Custom List Feature

But what about all of those friends you now have hidden? How do you organize your Facebook friends list to account for them? If you don't really care about ever seeing their updates, you can stop at just hiding them. But if you have a lot of friends, you'll probably have several groups that you want to see updates from on a regular basis.

That's where the Facebook custom list feature comes into play. By creating custom lists, you can organize Facebook friends by creating different categories of friends. For example, you can create a custom list that just contains close family — brothers, sisters, parents, etc. — and another list for the extended family, which includes your close family but also shows cousins, in-laws, etc.

Remember, you can put a Facebook friend into multiple lists. So if you have a family member who is also a co-worker, don't worry about needing to choose just a single list for them.