How to Mute a Story on Snapchat

Plus, how to unmute someone's story on Snapchat

What to Know

  • Go to the story you want to mute and open the corresponding profile page.
  • Tap the three vertical dots and select the Mute Story toggle to turn it blue.
  • Tap Mute to confirm, and then tap Done.

This article explains how to mute a story on Snapchat for a friend, group, or popular story you subscribed to. It includes information on unmuting the story and the difference between Mute and Do Not Disturb.

How to Mute a Friend, Group, or Popular Story on Snapchat

Whether you want to take a break from a friend's stories featuring too many redundant videos of her new cat or a group's stories about an ongoing topic you're not interested in, you can temporarily mute a Snapchat story with a few taps.

You can only mute stories for friends, groups, and popular stories you've subscribed to. If you added a celebrity or brand to watch their public stories, you can't mute their stories (because you're likely not friends—you just added them).

  1. Find the friend, group, or popular story you want to mute. You can find it in the conversations tab or by searching for them.

  2. Tap the friend, group, or popular story name to open the corresponding profile page.

  3. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.

  4. Select the Mute Story toggle from the list of options that appear so that it turns blue.

  5. If this is your first time muting this friend, group, or popular story, Snapchat will want your confirmation. Tap Mute to confirm.

    Three-dot menu, Mute Story toggle OFF, Mute button confirmation
  6. Tap Done at the bottom of the screen. The Mute Story button will be switched on and you'll no longer see their stories appear at the top of your feed or while you're watching stories.

Snapchat stories displayed on a smartphone.

What Muting Does on Snapchat

When you mute someone's stories, their profile won't appear at the top of your stories feed when they add new stories. Stories from a muted friend also won't appear as "up next" stories when you're watching the latest ones from your friends.

The benefits are you never have to remove a friend to stop seeing their stories, and you can both continue sending and receiving snap messages as usual. Friends you mute are never notified about it, and you still have the option to view their stories by scrolling to the bottom of your stories feed.

When you want to start seeing stories again for someone you muted, you can unmute them at any time.

How to Unmute Someone's Story on Snapchat

Unmuting a friend or group so you can see their stories again is as easy as muting them.

Follow the steps above for any friend or group you've muted and select Unmute Story.

The Difference Between Mute and Do Not Disturb

You might already be aware that Snapchat has a do not disturb feature, which is basically a silencing feature for notifications from a particular friend or group.

Muting is strictly for stories, while the do not disturb feature is for everything else, including photo snaps, video snaps, and chat messages. Both allow you to check up on stories or messages at your own discretion without having to remove friends, leave groups, or block friends, which completely cuts your connection with them.

If you were to remove a friend, you'd have to re-add them to start seeing their stories again and message them. If you were to leave a group, you'd have to be invited back into the group by the group creator; block a friend, and you'd have to unblock them, then re-add them as a friend.

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